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Composer-singer Vishal Mishra talks to Bhavi Gathani about composing the album of Notebook and his style of making music

After being a part of two big films, Veere Di Wedding and Race 3 last year, music composer-singer Vishal Mishra has composed an entire album for the first time, for the upcoming Notebook.

On how he became a part of Notebook, Mishra recalls, “I have worked with Salman (Khan) sir before. I met Nitin (Kakkar) sir when this film was being conceptualised. I got to hear the script and then we started making the music. It was a blessing to get the opportunity to compose the music for Notebook alone. It’s a different kind of ownership and you can express every aspect of the script in your own language. I am extremely grateful for this.”

Mishra offers some insight into how he went about composing the album. “I had a crew of more than 200 people on the song. I travelled 15,000 km for this song and it was fun. It’s a very human album because it’s all live and generic and organic, and if you hear the song it will connect with you sentimentally. There is a sense of attachment with every instrument that is being played. I am glad the first song has come out and people are responding to it well.”

About the importance of the script in the film, he reveals, “Everything that happens in the film rides on the script. When you are working for a script, you have to make sure that everything is in sync with it and that’s how all the creative aspects of the film are designed. The music, the sound of it, the words… they are made for this film. It was not like the song was already there and you just placed it in the film. Neither can you place these songs in any other film. The songs of Notebook are very much in sync with what the film is saying. That’s why it sounds exclusive and refreshing and new.”

Mishra says it was a long journey. “I had heard the script two or three times and it’s been nine months of making music for this film. And yet only one song is out, which I am glad people love. Notebook is one of the most beautiful processes that I have been a part of. My producers were humble enough to give me this opportunity and independence to do what I wanted to do. They trusted me,” he adds.

Mishra says he prefers making original songs over recreations. “I am not very comfortable making recreations. It is a very difficult job and it needs a lot of expertise. Also, I want to own what I am doing,” he says, adding, “There is no recreation in this film. Bhumro is not a recreation. It has nothing to do with Mission Kashmir. Mission Kashmir used the folk song Bhumro and they made an original song out of it. Similarly, even I have used a folk song and made an original song out of it. The USP of this album is that all the songs are originals.”

About composing the music and giving a voice to it, he says, “My first job is to create music and God has blessed me with a voice that people love. If it’s required for me to lend my voice, I will do it. It’s just a job. If I am directing the film, it doesn’t matter whether I have to act in it or not and if I am acting in a film, I don’t necessarily have to direct it. Whether it is my voice or somebody else’s, it has to match the expression of the song. Anybody who is working to make the music needs to feel the song and then let it out.”

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