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Soorma expected to grow over the weekend

Soorma fever seems to be spreading among audiences as occupancy and expected occupancy rates go up. The Diljit Dosanjh, Taapsee Pannu and Angad Bedi starrer fared decently on day one and is expected to do better over its first weekend. Here’s what the distributors across India are saying about the film.

Jaspal Dhingra, East Punjab

Personally, I really liked the film and it has had a decent opening in our Punjab area. But it has fared lower than we expected because there was also a new Punjabi movie in theatres. Along with that, Ant-Man and the Wasp had a good opening and Sanju is going strong despite being in its third week. All these factors brought down gross collections for Soorma. People have liked the film. They thought the first half was great and the second half was good too. Today, there should be a 40 per cent increase in occupancy for Soorma and we expect this to continue on Sunday. I think, with positive word-of-mouth it can sustain itself very well through the week too. The main reason is that families are coming to watch this movie. I think we should be able to collect Rs 2-2.5 crore from the Punjab region in the first weekend. Across India, it should be around Rs 13-14 crore.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Orissa

The film did pick up a little last night, but today there have been heavy rains in Orissa so that has affected occupancy. However, it has increased since yesterday. We should be able to make around Rs 4 lakh in our region today and maybe Rs 1 lakh more than that tomorrow, which will bring the weekend collections for us to around Rs 11-12 lakh. Pan-India, the collections will be somewhere around Rs 14 crore.

Debashish Dey, West Bengal

Occupancy yesterday was not very encouraging. Though word-of-mouth around the film is very strong and very good, that is not translating into box-office sales. Today, the multiplexes are doing good business but the smaller and medium sectors are not doing so well. Occupancy is about 35-40 per cent at the moment. Weekend collections should be better. We were expecting Bengal to touch Rs 15 lakh on day one but it reached only Rs 10 lakh. In the first weekend we are looking to collect around Rs 45-50 lakh from the Bengal region. With the word-of-mouth it has, the movie should be able to make around Rs 18 crore across India during the first weekend.

Sanjay Marudhar, CI

There is an improvement today compared to yesterday, for sure. The film is most likely to do 35-40 per cent more business than it did yesterday. In fact, collections might even be 50 per cent more than they were on day one. Advance bookings for Sunday look very good too. In my territory, Sunday will see high numbers. Soorma is growing slowly but steadily.

Sarang Chandak, CP

Today’s morning and afternoon shows were definitely better than yesterday’s for Soorma in my territory. Occupancy was much higher, maybe because it is Saturday. I have good expectations from Sunday too, despite the advance bookings not being very good. Today’s collections will surpass yesterday’s business by approximately 25 per cent.

Gaurrav Gaur, Rajasthan

The showing for Soorma did not match our expectations at all. In fact, occupancy today was lower than yesterday. According to me, the evening and night shows will not do very well either. I imagine the film will garner about Rs 2.75 crore, pan-India. The advance bookings are not good enough. I don’t see the film growing. In my territory, the film will garner less today than it collected yesterday. Let us hope that Sunday brings good numbers for the film.

Tarun Tondon, Delhi-UP

Yesterday, the morning shows were slightly dull. Following positive word-of-mouth, the film picked up a lot by the evening and the night shows. Today also, there has been very positive growth. Soorma is doing very well in the multiplexes, but not in the single-screens. In my opinion, the night shows today are going to be brilliant. I am very positive about the film doing well tomorrow. It will definitely fetch good numbers tomorrow.

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