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Soundtrack has an array of exciting original compositions, but what catches one’s attention instantly is the inclusion of the remixes of two of Kishore Kumar’s biggest songs – Ruk Jaana Nahin (Imtihaan ) and Yeh Jeevan Hain (Piya Ka Ghar). And though Suraj Jagan is earnest in his rendition of Ruk Jaana Nahin, the lack of a fresh angle to the remix makes it a tad boring. But Yeh Jeevan Hain works well due to Malini Awasthi’s folksy & striking vocals.

The lyrics of Banao disappoint, but the track clicks because Papon is incredibly charming in his rendition of this languidly paced modern day devotional number. Besides the Assamese singer’s raspy vocals, the only other prominent feature in this soothing number is the acoustic guitar. However it’s Papon’s second song in the album Naina Laagey that blows your mind. MP & KK first composed this outstanding classical song for their 2009 album Hello Hello. They blend Indian vocals & instruments seamlessly with electronic rhythms to deliver a serene almost tender love song. This one’s highly recommended for your Ipod listening.

In Atomizer MP & KK fuse mainstream with the eclectic and create a kicking dance track replete with the dhol and processed vocals – an addictive piece of music.

But the pick of the album is Ek Manzil, perhaps the only track that comes closest to being a filmi song and is somewhat similar to Pritam’s compositions for the Bhatts.  Ek Manzil opens dramatically with a magnificent cello piece. MP & KK embellish this soft rock number with flashes of Indian classical music and Vishal Vaid’s soulful vocals contribute immensely to its haunting appeal. The melancholic cello sound returns as the mainstay for The Soundtrack theme, an engaging instrumental piece.  Vaid also makes an appearance in Fakira, a Sufi meets electronic experimental number that’s at best average.

Main Chala (Kailash Kher) is the quintessential Midival Punditz  & Karsh Kale number.  Their fans will recognize their style and love this track. With a heavy electronic-trance bed and powerful vocals by Kailash Kher, this one can get you into a hypnotic frenzy.  Designed as a potential chartbuster and in spite of singer Anushka Manchanda’s best efforts, What The F fails to sizzle. But that’s a tiny blemish in an otherwise refreshing and spirited album.

Verdict: Go for it!

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