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On The response Received


The response has been
overwhelming. The film released two weeks ago and I am still receiving
love from across India and overseas. I have been receiving messages and calls, where people have been
telling me how much they are
enjoying the film.

On working in Golmaal


I was not part of Golmaal: Fun Unlimited but I had worked with Rohit bhai(Shetty) on Sunday, which is when he told me he would cast me in Golmaal. That’s how I became part of Golmaal 2, where I played the main villain. After we completed the third part, I don’t know how many people had asked me when Golmaal 4 would release. Now they are asking about Golmaal 5!

What makes Golmaal unique?

Golmaal is the kind of film that is liked by people across all age groups. It makes you laugh, it makes you happy. In times of stress, what more could you ask for than to walk into a cinema hall and identify with the characters you are watching on the screen? Golmaal is a great stress-buster. At the same time, it is not a brainless comedy. The film has good content and that’s why the audience loves the film so much.

Screen time


Screen time doesn’t matter; what that does is delivering your lines perfectly and taking your character to the next level. With Golmaal, we don’t have to worry as every character has been written so uniquely that audiences love every one of them. That’s the best part… everyone loves every character.

On Rohit Shetty


I haven’t met a soul more beautiful than Rohit Shetty. It’s been more than a decade since he’s been working with the same family and making sure that everyone in the family comes together. He spreads so much positivity and love. He is someone to look up to. Also, Rohit bhai and his writers Yunusji and Sajid-Farhad are all wonderful writers, who enact each scene for you.

Looking back


I started with television and moved to films and it’s been a meaningful journey. I have learnt a lot from every project I have done. I believe I am the architect of my own life. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in karma. If I work hard, I will be appreciated.

Today, I am doing films in all languages. Every year I do Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam and Marathi films. And when you work in so many languages, you learn about so many aspects of filmmaking. As an actor, it helps you grow. Also, I am doing all kinds of roles, from negative to positive.

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