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Strong Buzz, Content Makes Raid A Winner

And the audience verdict is out – Raid is a well-made film. Relying on positive word-of-mouth, collections of the film are growing with every successive show, across territories. According to tradewallahs, the Ajay Devgn-starrer is expected to go a long way. Here are the programmers of various cinema chains talking about the positive buzz that is driving the film’s numbers in their respective properties.

Prasad Toraskar, Programmer, PVR

The film is picking up and the first day’s collections will be more than Rs 8.2-8.3 crore. The response from the audience has been tremendous, thanks to the film’s engaging content. The fact that the second show has seen so much progress vis-à-vis the first show is proof that collections will pick up in the days to come. Hoping for the best.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave

The film is about a burning concern in the country. It is based on corruption and the bureaucrats handling politicians who are malignant and trying to ruin the system by using their muscle power. It is a decent story and Ajay Devgn is in the lead cast, and he has justified the role. Most of the cast has a theatre background or are stage artistes. The movie is an offbeat film in an altogether different class. That’s why we saw a jump in collections. The content is strong; it will help the movie do well. Word-of-mouth is very strong as well. In the next two days, the progress will be great.

Sudhan Thipse, Programmer, Citypride

The public response has been great and there might be progress in the next two days. Nothing is certain but the collections might pick up. Word-of-mouth publicity might help as well.

Debashish Dey, Programmer, Priya

Word-of-mouth publicity indicates that the film has received good response but the collections are not up to the mark. But the buzz might help business in the next two days. The movie is good but a lot of people are comparing it with Drishyam. I believe that collections will improve at the weekend. This is a niche film and will definitely attract a niche audience. It is not a massy movie, it is for the classes. This film will perform well.

Prem Lakkhani, Programmer, Rajhans

We didn’t expect much from the opening collections of the film; we were relying on word-of-mouth after the first show and that is exactly what has happened. Everybody liked the film and I hope the momentum that has picked up from the second show continues to build. The collections will improve at the weekend. The audience is enjoying the film because its content is engaging. Word-of-mouth will help the film progress. On Sunday, collections will be almost double that of the first-day collections.

Avneet Singh, Programmer , Star World

The first show is usually the morning show and the second show in the afternoon, which is when more people come to cinemas. Also, due to the first show, the review of the film goes viral. The second show collects more than the first show due to word-of-mouth spread by the audience. When the film is good, the progress is obvious. The collections on Sunday are expected to be double the first-day numbers.

Byline: Suranjana Biswas

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