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Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz talks about his recent single Wah wai wahh

Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz talks to Manisha Karki about his recently released track Wah wai wahh, about his experience of working with Neha Kakkar, his collaboration with T-series and more

With his recent single Wah wai wahh crossing 16 million views, Sukh-E is on cloud nine. “I am feeling great. I have worked hard a lot. It was my dream project because working with Neha is like everyone’s dream. So I am very happy,” he says. Talking about how the idea of the song came about, the singer says, “I did the music of the song as well. I was in the studio and I created a beat and Jaani who has written this song was also there. He wrote a line that we all started singing. We created a scratch, took a review and everyone liked it.”

This is the first time that Sukh-E has collaborated with Neha Kakkar. Praising Kakkar, he says, “She was so busy but she gave her time for the video shoot, which we shot in 24 hours. We shot the whole song in really hot weather. Looking at the song, all this doesn’t show and that was a big achievement for us. It was great working with Neha. She gives 100 per cent to her work and I have learned a lot from her.” What does he have to say about his long association with T series? “T-Series is more like a family. I am never tensed when I work with them because they manage everything. They do the promotions and all very well,” says Sukh-E.

The singer is yet to lend his voice for a Bollywood film. But he hopes that he can work with Akshay Kumar someday as he is a diehard fan of the actor. When asked about how he would cope with singing for other composers, Sukh-E says, “It’s a challenge. But life is all about challenges and the more you meet different people, the more you learn something new. So there are seniors in our industry and I’m just gathering a lot of knowledge and I think I will use it one day.” 

He says that he has a busy schedule ahead. “There are many collaborations coming up. I am producing songs for other artistes. I always try things that are out of the box. I’m working with Divine and also working with Raftaar again on something new,” he concludes. 

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