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With a bunch of smash hits in 2017, music composer Tanishk Bagchi speaks to Bhakti Mehta about staying true to the essence of a song

It’s a heady feeling to deliver back-to-back chartbusters throughout the year. But musician Tanishk Bagchi isn’t getting carried away. “I am taking it one day at a time. I don’t actually count my hits or anything. I just keep doing what I like to do, creating music without any expectations.”

From remaking old classics to generating original numbers, the modest composer elaborates on how he balances both. “All the songs I do are based on situations. Whether it is an original song or a recreation, it has to suit the situation that has been given to me. If it is an original number, then I create a tune and if it is a remake, then the makers provide a list of the songs that they want to be recreated. Then, according to the situation, I find the right song to go with the narrative of the story.”

Talking about the two crowd-pleasers from his latest film Tumhari Sulu, Bagchi says, “I was narrated the story which is the journey of a housewife becoming an RJ. I found it very inspiring and I started making the first song, that is, Manva likes to fly. It is a sweet number which is placed according to the situation in the movie. Then came Hawa hawai 2.0. This was a song the makers wanted to recreate for this film. It was easy to work on these songs, on this film, because everyone was clear about what they wanted. Suresh (Triveni) knew what he wanted from the music and that helped me a lot.”

“When we decided that Hawa hawai 2.0 would be used in the film, the makers were sure that they wanted a dance track. But they also wanted it to sound like the original song and retain the essence. It shouldn’t sound like a remix. That is why they gave me this project, because they knew that I don’t remix a song, I recreate it,” continues the musician.

Shedding light on his process, Bagchi says, “When I get a brief, I have to live with it for a day to understand the situation. I need to know why this particular thing is happening and what kind of music will fit into it. For example, take Raat baakifrom Ittefaq. The makers wanted this song remade. The situation of the song and the entire movie was already very intense and I kept this in mind. This process not only helps in my regular songs but also in creating something original in recreations.”

Bagchi says it is important to pick the right voice for his compositions. “When I compose a song, I usually have a singer in mind and, more often than not, it works out for all of us. The scale of the singer is very important to showcase the right emotion of the song.”

Bagchi promises a lot of melodies in the upcoming year. “There are many projects in 2018 and I will be kicking off the year with the film Bazaar. I have some other films in the pipeline but I cannot really talk about them right now, except to say that most of them will release in the first half of next year.”

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