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Sunny Leone turns 38 today; Here are five candid confessions from her interview with Box Office India

The Hindi entertainment industry has brought many success and love to Sunny Leone. As she stepped in with the fifth season of Bigg Boss in 2011 and has gained much attention due to her professional and personal life. She gave us movies like Jackpot, Ragini MMS 2, Ek Paheli Leela, One Night Stand, Tera Intezaar and many more. She has been co-hosting the reality TV show Splitsvilla (2014-present). Her digital debut, Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, grabbed many eyeballs.

Today on her special day, let's have a look at some of the interesting things that Sunny Leone revealed in a conversation with Box Office India.

"I thought everybody was going to hate me and I would not be able to work here."

Talking about Bollywood she says, "I had no idea what I was getting into. I also think that people’s perception of me is not always correct and my perceptions, obviously, were not correct either. I thought everybody was going to hate me and I would not be able to work here. I thought I would work here for a couple of weeks and then fly back to the US. But I am still here! So it is nice."

"Certain things do affect me, like when certain media outlets highlight a completely ridiculous story."

This is what had to say about the media, "Sometimes, I know the journalists who are writing nonsense about me. I mean, great if you don’t think I am a good actor or you think I made a bad film or you think my acting was horrible; you can tear apart a movie and that is fine. But there are certain lines (I think that should not be crossed). There are relationships that you build with journalists, there are certain personal lines, and when people get into that personal space, it is hurtful and means. Then I get offended. But does the general public talking nonsense affect me? Not really!"

"There have been many more good Fridays than sad ones."

While talking about how she looked at success and failure of her films, Sunny says, "I have learnt so much from some of my choices of films but, more than anything else, what has come from the good and the bad or the sad Friday and a happy Friday, is so much more.  Between all the businesses and things that Daniel and I have our hands in, there have been so many positive things that I can say that it has been an amazing journey. There have been many more good Fridays than sad ones." 

"I am content with acting." 

The actress is very passionate about acting. Even though she has a production house and other business, she says, "Acting is the most important thing for me right now and launching a product comes with a lot of responsibilities but I have an efficient team to take care of that. I am content with acting. I have not given the direction a thought but as they say, never say never."

"This is like the biggest hit story of our lives."

Talking about being a mom, Sunny says, "Our life has changed for the better. This is like the biggest hit story of our lives. It is always nice to see Nisha acting as an elder sister. We are doing the best we can and I think we are doing just fine. We are managing and discovering something new every day."

Box Office India wishes Sunny Leone a wonderful birthday. You can share your wishes and of course your favourite sunny Leone movies in the comments section below. 

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-Manisha Karki

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