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He’s yet another newbie waiting for his first film to hit cinemas. In a free-wheeling chat, Sunny Gill tells Aatmi Doshi about his closet persona and much more

The promos for your film Jo Hum Chahein are everywhere. Tell us about the response.

I’ve got a fantastic response from the audience, the media and the trade. Everyone’s been saying the film looks fresh and new, and there’s an energy to it. They like it a lot.

Lately, a lot of newcomers have been making their debut but most of them are being launched by big banners. Do you feel you are at a disadvantage since you are not attached to a big production house?

It would have been an honour to be launched by a big production house. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I had signed a film with a reputed production company but eventually it didn’t materialise. But I’ve learnt that that counts is how good you are in your film and how good your film is. So even though I am not being launched by a big production house, I am grateful to have got Jo Hum Chahein. It gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent and it’s a story I believe in.

Do you mind telling us which production company had signed you on?

There’s no point talking about what didn’t happen. I’d rather focus on what’s going to happen and the opportunities that await me.

What does the future hold for you? Any assignments you’re considering?

There’s definitely been a lot of interest from the industry but I think after everyone sees the film, they’ll be able to place me in the type of roles that suit me.

What kind of roles do you see yourself doing? Do you see yourself as being limited to urban romantic-boy-type roles?

Actually, I see myself doing all kinds of roles. In fact, it’s the tougher drama roles that excite me most. I’d love to play someone like Tony Montana from Scarface, Vijay Dinanath Chahuan from Agneepath, Michael Corleone from The Godfather, Ballu Balram from Khalnayak or Raghu from Vaastav.

That’s very interesting. You connect more with anti-hero roles yet your look appears more suited to the easy going rom-com-type of character.

I think that’s because I have this inherent aggressive side to me that’s waiting to being explored on screen. These characters almost seem like an extension of my personality, but a personality that only those close to me are aware of.

What are your expectations from Jo Hum Chahein?

I expect Jo Hum Chahein to be received well by people of all ages because it’s a film that tells a story that everyone can connect with. We’ve all gone through similar situations in life, where we all want everything and we want it instantly. That’s the essence of Jo Hum Chahein. And the repercussions of this instant desire will touch a chord with everyone.

This sounds like a heavy, theme-based film. Yet the promotions centre on the romance between you and your co-star.

The backbone of this film is the theme, and the love story is the tool used to tell this theme effectively. After all, everyone has a love story and it’s easier to convey the larger theme through this.

The chemistry between you and fellow debutante, Simran Mundi, comes across very effectively in the promos. Is that real life being projected on screen?

Thanks. I take that as a compliment. But it wouldn’t be fair to say that. Simran and I have both worked hard to build the right chemistry for our characters. We are both professionals who have done our jobs. That’s what you’re seeing on screen.

Before someone’s debut hits the screen, they are usually very nervous. But you seem very controlled and calm. How do you manage that?

My calm demeanour is an act. Inside, I’m exactly what you said – a complete bundle of nerves and anxious energy.

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