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Sunny Singh wants to do a film based on Life of a stuntman?

It has always been a delight to watch Sunny Singh on-screen as the actor has always made the audiences laugh to the fullest. With every character, the actor has ensured to build an instant connection with the viewers and the relatability level has always been high.

In a recent interview with a leading website, Sunny Singh said, "I am actually waiting for my action movie to happen. There were many meetings which had happened and everybody wanted me to do an action-comedy but I'm just waiting for the right one."

Talking about the most important factor Sunny Singh focuses on the actor adds, "What's important in the film is realistic and it should be relatable as well. I've always wanted to do an action comedy. I want to do a film of Life based on a stuntman."

Well, Sunny Singh has opened up how he is looking out for the right action comedy and also how he has a film idea to be executed as its going to be based on real life experiences about his father being a stuntman and much more.

It's great to witness that the actor is now going to be showing a whole different side of him as an actor and try out various genre films and see what is fitting the best for him.

Sunny Singh was last seen in the mom-com Jai Mummy Di where once again Sunny's performance was appreciated by all. His recent Holi song Holi Me Rangeele got everyone dancing to the tunes.

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