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SWAHA – Life Beyond Superstition

Swaha is the story of Shree Asanandji Gurudev (Ishrat Ali), a Godman. His ashrams are spread all over India with numerous followers, all successful in their respective fields which include actors, politicians, industrialists attribute all their achievements to Gurudev.

One such follower is Jayant Oberoi (Jiten Mukhi) whose life’s purpose is just to follow Gurudev’s every instruction, be it in business or in family affairs. Oberoi’s family follows the order of Gurudev except his son Raj (Rikkee). Oberoi has bought a new bungalow and wants Gurudev to visit it, which he believes will help him improve his present status even more.

When Gurudev visits the bungalow, he encounters bizarre experiences with the spirits which reside there. The turmoil begins.

This is a cock and bull story with poor imagination and a futile exercise in the name of filmmaking. There is no purpose to anything nor logic.

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