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Swapnil Kale and Girija Prabhu's adorable chemistry in Kay Zala Kalana will make you excited for the Marathi film - view pics

Whenever there is a new pair on the big screen the curiosity for the movie suddenly increases. Audiences are very interested to see onscreen chemistry of this new pair and this intrigue pushes some directors to assemble a plot with two new artists. And hence, the forthcoming Marathi movie - Kay Zala Kalana, a new pair has been formed, that of Swapnil Kale and Girija Prabhu. Directed by Suchita Shabbir and produced by Mr Dhanalakshmi Productions and Pankaj Gupta, Kay Zala Kalana hits the screens on July 20.

Suchita has expressed the opinion that the story needed a new pair of main characters and the decision was not taken just for the heck of it. For those of you who don't know, this is the story of a young college girl. Therefore, they needed artists who could do justice to the film. Keeping that in mind, Swapnil and Girija have chosen the main role. Besides directing, the film is written by Suchita along with Kiran Kulkarni and Pallavi Karera. Expressing his feelings for the first time at the Kay Zala Kalana event, Swapnil said, "I play a guy called Shanya in this movie. The simple, straightforward child and his family are equally convenient. It's a different joy to be seen in front of audience through my debut." In this movie, Girija has played the role of a woman named Pallavi. She said that Pallavi is from a small village. It is as simple as the anvil. She also added that it was a lot of fun working with Swapnil and they have shot two song, of which the title song is very nice. From what we hear, their chemistry is very adorable and a few of their stills from the movie will make you quite excited about the movie.

Apart from the jodi, Arun Nalawade, Sanjay Khapre, Vandana Wankanis, Kalpana Jagtap, Shraddha Surve, Hemali Karekar, Suyash Jhunjurk, Ravi Phaltankar are also a part of the film. Sujit Kumar has choreographed the songs, while the cinematography has been done by Suresh Deshman and Rajesh Rao has compiled it. Shabbir Punawal is the executive producer of this movie. Shaukak Shirole has written the lyricsa and the music is composed by Pankaj Padnah. Adarsh ​​Shinde, Sayali Pankaj, Rohit Raut, Rupali Moghe, Saurabh Salunkhe have sung the songs. Kay Zala Kalana is going to be released across Maharashtra on July 20.

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