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Sanjay Mishra (Babli Bhai)

On success of Golmaal Again!!!

I am very happy that the audience loves our film. After so many weeks, the film is still running house full. Golmaal is a very popular franchise, so you know that people will come to watch it but you are also worried about it living up to expectations. Thankfully, the audience has loved Golmaal Again!!!, the fourth instalment in the franchise, even more!

It’s team work

The best thing is that Golmaal is not about one actor, one character or a leading star. It’s about every character. In the first Golmaal, I was the main villain. It was only when people started callng me by my character’s name that I realised just how famous my character had become. I had worked with Rohit Shetty in Zameen and then in Golmaal. After that, there’s been no looking back with him as he has cast me in almost all his films.

Straddling two worlds

On one hand, Golmaal is doing so well and on the other hand, the trailer of Kadwi Hawa has released and it is receiving critical appreciation. As an actor, for me, both kinds of cinema are important. It’s like a cricketer playing T-20 and Test matches. In T-20, you have runners, players like Ajay Devgn and Johnny Lever, and in a Test match you have to be on the pitch for the entire day and play slowly and steadily. Both kinds of cinema are important.

Why is commercial cinema important?

When Aankhon Dekhi and Masaan worked, many people had advised me not to do cameos or play side characters any more. My question to them was, ‘Toh kya, bhukha mar jau?’ because films like Golmaal, All The Best and Dabangg have tremendous reach. The reach of these films is way bigger than that of smaller films as the entire nation is watching these films. Just because I won a National Award, I shouldn’t stop doing commercial cinema or cinema where I don’t have a lot of screen time. As an actor, it’s my job to leave a mark in the audience’s memory. Why should people come and watch my film? I need to prove myself and only then will they love me and trust my work.

Being lucky

I am very lucky as I am getting all kinds of roles, from comedy to emotional roles. I had done a film called 123… long ago, and I used to say ‘Papa’ in the film, in a particular way. People remember that even today. So films like Dhamaal, All The Best, Golmaal are the kind of films that are loved by everyone.

I was also offered films like Masaan, Aankhon Dekhi and Dum Laga Ke Haisha, where again the audience loved me. So, both kinds of cinema are important.

Changing face of cinema

Today, it is not all about heroism in a film; audiences are accepting different kinds of stories, stories which have not been told before. They want characters they can connect with. That’s why films like Kadwi Hawa are being made. Another development is that our audience is now global, thanks to films getting promoted at film festivals.

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