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T-Series Clarifies

After keeping mum for a long time, T-Series head Bhushan Kumar decides to speak on Kajraare controversy. Here’s his version

Why on satellite ?
I had no option but to release the film on a low-key note. We made Kajraare on a lavish scale and had spent over Rs 16 crore on its making. But before we could release Kajraare, a small-budget film, Radio, starring Himesh Reshammiya in the lead was released and bombed at the box office, ruining the prospects of Kajraare. After Radio, nobody was willing to touch Kajraare. Our investment was stuck and the film was lying in the cans for a long time.

At this critical juncture, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has also written the film, suggested that it would be better to release Kajraare on satellite. That way, not only we would be able to recover part of our investment but the film would also reach a maximum audience. This made sense. So we decided to have a limited technical release of Kajraare so that it could pave the way for its satellite release. After that, we approached a leading TV channel (COLORS) and sold it the satellite rights.

On asking Rs 1 crore from Himesh Reshammiya and promoting the film
When I can spend over Rs 16 crore on making the film, why would I shy away from spending another crore on the film’s publicity? In fact, I had already spent over Rs 2 crore on TV promotion of the film. But when even that did not create a buzz as Himesh’s market standing had taken a beating, and the music of the film also did not pick up, we decided to explain the situation to Himesh and told him that instead of spending huge amounts of money on publicising the film for a theatrical release, we were going ahead with a limited technical release and then would release it on satellite so that a maximum audience could watch it. Though he was not happy with our decision, he did not raise any objections.

On The Film
Though Kajraare did not get a decent theatrical release, I’m still proud of the film. It is a very nice and well-made film. We have really worked very hard on it. But I am happy it will finally be able to reach a maximum number of people, which is the purpose of every filmmaker.

PS: KAJRAARE will have its TV premiere next month, December, on COLORS.

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