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  • Lots In Translation

    The big news in the week that went by was of Bahubali: The Beginning crossing the coveted milestone of Rs 100 crore in net domestic collections – and we are referring to its dubbed Hindi version alone
  • The Twain Has Met

    Time was, and not too long ago at that, when all of Hindi cinema could neatly be sorted as belonging to either one of two very distinct categories – one, and by far the predominant slice of the pie, b
  • Hurricane Hundred!

    As was widely expected within the trade, last week’s release, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, has set the box office on fire with domestic collections of almost Rs 185 crore in the first week.
  • Lowering The ‘Bar’

    Unlike movie-goers in the rest of the country, patrons in Maharashtra who make their way to cinema halls this week will not have the choice of watching the Pakistani film, Bin Roye.
  • Of Centuries And Celebratory Occasions

    The good news in the week that went by was that of ABCD 2 literally dancing its way into the so-called Rs 100-crore club.
  • New Rasam In Old Bottle?

    The very first film we reviewed in our inaugural issue on 19 September 2009 was Wanted, which released a day earlier.
  • A Fragile Recovery

    This week brings the curtain down on the second quarter of calendar year 2015 and it is ending on a high note, with ABCD 2’s stellar first week collections bringing cheer to the trade.
  • Length Matters 2 – The Content-ers!

    In our edit note last week (Length Matters, issue dated June 13, 2015), we had collated the runtime of the Top 5 grossers in each of the last 6 years to test the frequently advised hypothesis that, in
  • Length Matters

    In a vocation as uncertain as ours, with no set formula/process that guarantees box office success, it is only natural that various pet theories abound on what makes a film click, or not.
  • Drought Relief At The BO?

    The abnormally severe summer has not yet been alleviated by delayed monsoon showers and the meteorological department has issued the worrying forecast that we are in for deficient rainfall this year,
  • Wanted: CIA For The Film Industry?

    If you do a Google search for, say, airline tickets to a certain destination, chances are high that the next time you open your Gmail inbox, the advertising box above your mails will display a commerc
  • The Outsider…

    A small-town, aspiring actor or actress struggles on many levels in Bollywood. So even if it makes the taste of success sweeter, it is a trial by fire.