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  • Property Division

    Not too long ago, if you lived in the Andheri West/Oshiwara neighbourhood of Mumbai, where our office is located, and wanted to catch a movie in a reasonably decent theatre, the closest option availab
  • Always With Us

    I believe the skies opened up and it rained… as though grieving on behalf of all of us… his countless fans, admirers and colleagues.
  • Goodbye, Prince Charming

    On Monday, December 4, the Indian film fraternity was left irrevocably poorer by the loss of a true titan, Shashi Kapoor.
  • The Sun Rises In The (North) East?

    One of the earliest and most significant foreign policy initiatives of the Narendra Modi government was to intensify and upgrade the nation’s ‘Look East’ initiative into an ‘Act East’ policy.
  • Multi-Lingual Challenge

    Despite a glut of Hindi language releases during the last three weeks – many of them boasting decent pedigree and face value – the highest grossing film in each of these weeks was not a homegrown prod
  • Leading From The Affront

    While an unerring ability to correctly predict the future isn’t exactly a trait we associate with our politicians, it is remarkable how so many of them from all across the country have managed to so p
  • A Note-Worthy Year

    Around this time last year, many of us – much like the nation at large – were following an intensive three-step programme.
  • Unidentical Twins

    It is one of the most striking ironies of our times – the last remaining bastion of communist philosophy and politics in the world, China, has risen to the status of global superpower by essentially p
  • A Cautionary Tale

    Sex Lies and Videotape, The Crying Game, The Clerk, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Jane Eyre, Emma, The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Jackie Brown, The Cider House
  • Let There Be Light…

    While Diwali anyway occupies pride of place in the crowded Indian festival calendar, it holds a special significance for the film trade given its association with the Goddess Lakshmi and, by extension
  • Q3 – Ek Lame Katha

    Now that the fourth quarter of the year is well under way, it is time to take stock of how the Hindi film trade fared in Q3, 2017.
  • Our Favour8s!

    First off, a huge and heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ from the entire team for your very gracious and generous response to our 8th Anniversary issue that was published last week.