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Taking Risks

There are times when the smallest of roles in a movie leave an indelible mark on the audience. The actor we spoke to this week achieved exactly that in the strong supportive character she played in the film 3 Storeys. Richa Chadha chats with Bhakti Mehta about her distinctive role in the film

On The Brief

The makers told me they needed a voice that was recognisable, and because I have a different kind of voice, they offered me the part. They were also looking for someone who could act without speaking. It was about emoting without dialogue. It was a special role for me even though mine wasn’t the central character.

On The Role

I played the sweet, special sutradhaar in the film. I didn’t have to work hard mentally for this character but it turned out to be good. Also, I haven’t done many roles that have allowed me to be the pretty girl. I have done many realistic movies with little or no make-up. I have never really ventured into this kind of role. But this part came with a lot of shringaar. It became a part of the character and was a lot of fun for me to do. The role was very different from what I am known to do or play on the big screen.

On The Director

The director Arjun Mukerjee was really good and so were the producers, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani from Excel Entertainment. They are just great. Arjun, actually, is a great feminist, in my opinion. In every story, I felt like the women were not just bystanders; they were at the forefront. Not only that, the women were also making things happen in the film through their choices and actions. The ultimate author is also a woman. It could have easily been a man but it was such a smart choice to pick a woman to play that role.

On HER Co-stars

Working with the entire cast has been great. But, for me, Renuka Shahane’s performance was something I really enjoyed. We have grown up watching her in movies like Hum Aapke Hain Koun! and it was a treat to work with her. I think she is a very special woman. She is very talented, yet very humble. She is a very positive person with great energy and it is impossible to not like her. I love the fact that she stands for the right things, which is reflected in her posts on social media. She voices her opinions with such dignity, it is amazing.

On The Response

People have been saying it is good but I don’t really read reviews. I think if reviews are good, they tend to get into your head, and if they are bad, they get you down. So it is better to stay away from them. But for the people who have liked the film, it is really great.

On Future Projects

I have just announced a movie based on the life of Shakeela but before that I have two other films that I am doing. One of them is called Section 375, where I will be starring with Akshaye Khanna. After that, I hope to start shooting for Inside Edge, Season 2. I am very excited about that. When I did Inside Edge, it was considered a risk because it was the first time Indian filmmakers were trying to present something to the audience via digital streaming platforms. But I like taking risks. Whether it is with a small but substantial role in 3 Storeys or something like Inside Edge… I always try to be a part of something new and exciting, no matter what people may say.

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