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Taking Stock

Time to put on your thinking caps!

As you know, one of the foremost missions of this publication is to serve as a platform for the various stakeholders in the film industry to exchange their views and understand each others’ concerns and perspectives – as also their reading of the road ahead.

It is only through this process of dialogue, knowledge sharing and empathy that we can come to a consensus on where the trade is headed and figure out what needs to be done to pre-empt possible problem areas, as also encourage positive factors to attain their fullest potential.

With that intent in mind, we invite you to write to us and use our magazine as a medium to share your thoughts with your peers as also those that you are often faced with on the opposite side of the negotiating table.

To kick start the process, this week, we would like to pick your brains and get your answers to the following questions:

• How would you characterise the current state of the industry, in one sentence?• What are the biggest challenges the industry is faced with?

• What are the key opportunities the industry can benefit from in the near and midterm future?

• With a spate of films crossing the Rs 100 crore NBOC mark in the recent past, do you think the film industry is in its best phase ever?

• Are sequels and remakes here to stay or is this phase just a fad?• With the biggest hits being films with very Indian themes, is it curtains for NRI cinema and dependence on overseas collections?

• How wide is the multiplex-single screen divide in terms of the audience tastes?• How can we revive the moribund home entertainment market and valuations?

• How big a threat is cricket, in general, and the IPL, in particular?

• Can Hollywood ever surpass and overwhelm the Hindi film industry like it has in many local industries around the world?

• What changes in the regulatory environment would you like to see?

• With 2013 marking a century of Indian cinema, how best can we commemorate the occasion?

Please do write in to me with your answers, or indeed, any other feedback that you may have, at [email protected] and [email protected]

In coming weeks, we will share with you the trends and consensus that emerge from this dipstick poll.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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