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Tell Tale

Divya Khosla Kumar loves to tell a good story, particularly those of the romantic kind. It’s exactly why her second film as director, Sanam Re, promises to be an emotional roller-coaster ride.

On her second outing

Love stories have always attracted me and when I heard this story, I knew I wanted to tell it. It’s a wonderful story and everyone who believes in love will connect with the film. I did not plan my second directorial film; it just happened.

On pressure

While I was making my first film, I was nervous as I was working entirely with newcomers. So I wondered whether the audience would accept me and my film. There were no expectations and all I wanted to do was deliver my film. But with my second film, the audience is aware of who I am as Yaariyan was a hit. Now there are expectations from the audience but I don’t take it as pressure. I have made the film with lots of love and hard work.

Growth from first film

I have not only grown as a director but also as a human being. I have directed many music videos, so I always knew that film direction was just a step away. As a director, I learnt and unlearnt many things with my second film. Technically, I was always a storyteller but with every film, one sees some new traits as a director. Every location, actor and costume is different so the way you capture a scene is always different.

On her actors

I did a lot of workshops for my first film, almost for a year, as they were newcomers. This time, I had some fabulous actors, namely Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam. Both are brilliant but untapped actors. We have always seen Pulkit in comedy films but I always saw pain in his eyes, so I wanted to cast him as a romantic hero. We have seen Yami in the Fair & Lovely ads but I took a month to do the look test as I wanted to present her in a new manner. We did some workshops so that they developed some chemistry.

On the USP

I don’t believe music is the USP of a film. I think it’s the story and the screenplay. It is an entertaining and emotional love story. I think the crux of the story is in the emotions the film has brought out. The emotions will keep the audience hooked till the very end and suddenly take them to another level. I am so proud that I could bring out those emotions on screen. That is the core of my story.

Being a perfectionist

I am a perfectionist and I look into every detail, whether costume, backdrop, props or location. I don’t let anything go unnoticed. For Sanam Re, we travelled to Himachal Pradesh, where we shot in some virgin locations in December just to capture snowfall. Beauty has been captured so well and that’s when you realise just how beautiful your country is.

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