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Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle star Rajniesh Duggall: Comedy is the best form of entertainment

Can you brief us on your role?

In TBHP, I’m playing the role of an assistant director who is struggling to become a film director. He begins to manipulate people to get the job done by using Krushna as the superstar in a film and his own girlfriend as the lead opposite him. 

How did you come on board this film?

Initially, they wanted me to play the superstar, which was a full-on, masala hero kind of role but I liked the idea of playing the fattu director as it is he who makes the audience laugh. Once I knew that Krishna and Mukul Dev were on board, I was happy to sign on.

Comedy is considered the toughest genre to do. What are your thoughts on this?

My job is to play and live my character, and as I said it’s the entire situation around Dev, my character, that makes it funny. Comedy for any actor is a great genre as it is the best form of entertainment.

How important is it to have a good dynamic on the set to get the comic timing right?

As an actor, that’s the most important thing for me – my dynamic with my co-actors. Here, it was hilarious as Krushna, all the other actors and I got along like a house on fire.

How was your association with the director?

Working with Vinod was a good experience. He knows his art well and we never felt that we were working with a first-time director. With actors like Krushna, Sunil Pal and Khyali, there was a lot improvisation and it was fun. I have learnt a lot from Vinod.

What are your expectations from the film when it releases on July 13?

I expect this film to be a box office success. More than that, I want the audience to like it and enjoy it as much as we did shooting it.

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