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The music composer duo has recently released the soundtrack of their upcoming film Tevar and are relishing the instant success of the single Superman. As Salman Khan fans are adoring the dedicated track Superman, we converse with Sajid Wajid about the making of the album, their forthcoming projects and the current trend of remixes and multi-composers

What thoughts went into composing for Tevar?

When Boney (Kapoor) sir offered us Tevar, we were excited as we had worked with him earlier for Wanted. The word Tevar defines the whole sound of the album, it is about the attitude (tevar) of a small town boy who is quite rough around the edges. While composing, we decided to bring out the flavour of Arjun Kapoor’s character through our music. We used the earthy Indian touch and mixed it with the western genres like vocal beat-boxing and hip-hop.

How did the song Superman… Salman ka fan… happen? Was it a dedication from Sajid-Wajid to Salman Khan?

The song appears as a dedication due to the lyrics, but it wasn’t intentional. Once Sajid bhai came up with the hook line Main Superman Salman ka fan, we composed a track around it, I personally like it because it brings together two powerhouse names that people related to. While the hook line was ready, we were still thinking about how to start the song and we decided to compose hip-hop music with an Indian touch. For us, it is important to have Indian flavour in our songs. Later on, we also added the beat boxing style to it. The whole thought was to make a perfect introductory track for Arjun’s character. I am thankful that the song has turned out well and has become the face of the film.

While the album Tevar is full of attitude and heavy on music, how will you define the soundtrack of Dolly Ki Doli?

Unlike our earlier albums, the music of Dolly Ki Doli will feature pop and lighter sound. There are five songs, while the two songs Phatte tak nachna by Sunidhi Chauhan and Fashion khatam by Mamta Sharma have commercial approach, the rest three are experimental. We have just completed the remastering of the melody sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and will begin work on the track Babaji ka thullu. The song has been sung by me and the quirky lyrics are by Danish Sabri. We have used a bit of voice modulation for the hook line which goes Tere pyaar mein mujhe kya mila, babaji ka thullu. The title track has been sung by Divya Kumar and we have tried to give a strong, bold projection replicating the film by using light music. One thing I had in mind was that the film shouldn’t be loaded with sound. We also focused on the way, the sound of instruments like dholak, tabla and guitar are projected. We tried to give a different feel by bringing more orchestration.

What are your views on the current trend of remixes and delivering an album with multi-composers?

It is simple, if listeners love it then it is great, but personally I feel that the sense of belonging to the album is lost. As Sajid Wajid, we go for a hit album, we don’t concentrate on one hit song, nor do we give a chance for remixes. The weakest songs need to be remixed or pepped up. Remixes are great and people enjoy it, but the remixes are open for everyone. There is nothing new to it, whoever wants to remix a track can do it. Even for the promotional tracks, out of 100 only 5 per cent of the promotional songs have worked. I think this strategy has worked only for few tracks including songs by Yo Yo Honey Singh. For the successful promotional track, the composer should be smart enough to create a song that goes with the requirement of the film and should belong only to that film album, which is not the case now-a-days.

Having been working in the industry for more than a decade, I can say that a composer looks forward to create the whole album. One song can be easily composed, they are many one-hit-wonders that came and went. The real challenge comes when the composers have to create the whole album, that’s when their versatility is tested. The music director should be able to compose songs ranging from pop, rock, romantic to a traditional number. A composer should be able to create a character through his songs and that’s how a film album is differentiated from a non-film album. And, when there are multi-composers, this factor gets lost.

What’s next for Sajid Wajid?

We are planning to take it light, and go with the flow. Our recording studio is in the making and we are concentrating on it. We are also doing live shows in different countries. I am planning to do a Sufi/Qawaali or Ghazals album with some of my friends. After Babaji ka thullu, I will also sing a track for the film Raymond Fashion.

On the Bollywood front we are discussing a few scripts – one is with Salman bhai and there is David (Dhawan) sir’s forthcoming project as well. Recently, we signed two films – Heer And Ranjha and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 (KKHH 3). In fact with KKHH 3, it will be the first time we will be composing for the sex-comedy genre. We wanted to experiment with this genre and bring our own flavour to it, while making it something different.

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