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The film business is more than just passion

Script And Business

I don’t think of scripts. I know the story. I have the experience to understand where it’s heading. And those who approach me, trust me enough. They know I will not mess around with a film I’m doing as an actor, as a creative person.

Similarly, I don’t look into the business aspect of a film. I leave that to my production office. All I ask is, ‘Have we done well?’ Which usually means, ‘Have we lost money?’ Believe me, when they say, ‘We have done well,’ it means we have not lost money and what we gain goes back to the office. I have never taken a single dividend from my office and I don’t intend to start now. Since it is not my money, I don’t count it.

Business – Yesterday and Today

With every passing day, box-office grosses are likely to rise, including the first weekend and total gross collections. Earlier, we never dreamt the volume of business would be what it is today. Speaking of a film’s opening… opening numbers and gross collections are fine. But sorry, comparisons are not acceptable. The gross collection of a particular actor’s film on its first weekend can’t be compared to the collection of another actor’s film during the same period. The two films would not have been made on the same scale or canvas or even at around the same time.

Money Talks

Frequently, there is discussion on which actor is getting how much money for his film projects. I can’t speak on behalf of anyone because I’ve no idea what others are demanding and taking. And I won’t give anyone an idea of what I take. I take what I decide, and what I need to, whether for movies or endorsements.

Movie X Vs Movie Y

When a film releases individually, it gets that opening weekend. Films are so expensive that you allow everyone to take advantage of a holiday or a free week. But then, if you do the math, there are about 200 films releasing a year but only 52 Fridays. So that’s four pictures every Friday. It is not possible to adjust every film. So whenever two producers can talk, they should and make adjustments. And they should not put egos first. I think if one big film clashes with another big film on a Friday, it is better to come out one week before or after. So, we get the long solo weekend, which is good for the film. But if the film is bad, even holidays or long weekend won’t help.

Reason Behind RA.One


I made RA.One because I wanted Indians to feel proud. I wanted to tell the West there is no need to laugh when our normal hero flies through the air while their heroes do the same thing wearing costumes. I felt that in 20 years, I have done so much. I did everything for myself. I really liked all that. One day I want people to say that I brought great technology. I wanted my son to feel that my father was not just an actor. I wanted my son to hear that I brought innovation.

Years ago, I did Darr and it started the trend of a negative hero. I also played a romantic hero, anyone can do that. I wanted to give back in terms of an idea. I’m inspired by Krrish. I’m inspired by Drona. I wanted to take that forward. The whole basis of making RA.One was when was the last time you did something different? Dreams are not easy to come by. It has been a nice life, rough but exciting. It should be an experience.

I have played character speaking various languages… baal lambe kiye… six pack kar liyanaach bhi liya… item number bhi kar diya. With RA.One, I didn’t want to become a superhero, I wanted to say ‘thank you’… to the film industry.

On Critics

Critics have preconceived ideas when they watch a film. The whole idea ‘agar hum banate toh yeh film aisi hoti’. More often than not, it’s not the film they desire simply because they have not made it. They are critics, not filmmakers. When I read a critical appraisal of a film and if I have watched that film, I would have written that review differently. I am all right with what the critics say. I am all right that some do not like my films and others do.

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