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After a successful musical journey, T-Series climbs the ladder of filmmaking

It just seems like yesterday that I took over the control of T-Series. As a 19-year-old-boy, I stepped into the very large shoes left by my father. My immediate concern at that time was to hold the company together and then steadily build into the major player in the music industry.

Building on our repertoire and other strengths we have built a company that is synonymous with tremendous passion, great marketing and an enviable ability to gauge the viability or success meter of the songs.  We keep our ears to the ground and never take our success for granted.

We market and promote the music aggressively and that’s been our forte. Apart from promotion, we also have a sense for music. We know what will work and for how much. All we need to do is listen to a song once and my team can tell whether we have a winner on our hands or not. Music is the soul of Hindi films and our music sense has helped producers and directors. With our strong sense in recognising the best of music in the lot, every producer feels their music will be a sure shot hit if we support them in this.

But it’s time to move to bigger pastures. We have successfully made a few films in past few years and can say with pride that none of the projects have been loss making ventures. Though we started slow and steady we took our time to study the market and understand our strengths and weaknesses.

We Will Work On Both!

This year we have already announced four films and some more announcements will come very soon. We are working at a frantic pace. We have one of our successful franchise movie Aashiqui coming back as Aashiqui 2. We have wrapped up the shooting of Nautanki Saala and are in the process of finalising release plans. My wife is also bringing on floors her directorial debut which will be a complete college based movie. We also have I Love NY with Sunny Deol and Kangna Ranaut and another one with Milan Luthria starring Saif Ali Khan that will go on floors in 2013. We now have variety of genres and various artistes working in each film which makes every film creatively different.

As part of my various meetings with directors and technicians for setting up projects the consistent feedback I got was that a lot of senior directors and technicians prefer to work with single producers rather than big corporates and a lot of directors felt that the kind of sincerity and passion that a single producer brings to the table is far superior to the clinical approach that several corporate houses have towards films. The directors say that they are making films and not products.

Our added advantage over other solo producers is that we have a strong marketing team and can promote a film aggressively as any corporate house.

My dream is to make films where everyone associated with the film benefits. I want to bring the same energy and passion to films that we have invested in music industry.

And I hope to capture the same  respect in the movie making business that we have earned for ourselves in music business. My next goal is to focus on making films as I want everyone associated with my projects to benefit. After all, I have a reputation and don’t intend to throw it away.

I just hope when my father sees us growing from up there, he feels proud of the achievements and learnings his company and team has gained today.

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