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The VFX Scenario in India

While Indian filmmakers are looking westwards for VFX technicians, why are more and more Hollywood filmmakers wanting to work with Prime Focus?

The unparalleled success of Prime Focus in its home territory of India, built on a history of pioneering new processes, techniques and technology in the Indian post production market, allowed the company to expand westward and acquire established post groups and VFX specialists in the UK and North America. This gave us the foundations for our global company. To this we added the best technology, talent, processes and infrastructure, to create a truly unique global offering. We took the best aspects and practices from each of our territories and applied them to our global operations, creating a company specifically set-up to deliver meaningful solutions for the needs of filmmakers.

Since the early days of its global network, Prime Focus has delivered visual effects and 3D services on films from Avatar and GI Joe Retaliation through to recent blockbusters such as Total Recall and Men In Black 3. The success of these collaborations, and the way we partner creatively with our clients, has established a confidence in Prime Focus amongst the Hollywood studios and the creative community. We have become a partner that can realise their vision; that can offer the flexibility of working in the key creative hubs of LA, Vancouver, New York, London or Mumbai, and that offers a global network of talented VFX artists who are available 24/7 to fulfill creative expectations.

India has always been the home base of our operations. We have grown and expanded from four young guys in a garage in Khar to the 4,500 professionals who work across our 16 facilities on three continents today. Within this, we have maintained our ability to remain at the forefront of technical advances in our industry. This has been key to the Prime Focus journey from Indian leader to global powerhouse. In turn Prime Focus has been able to bring its international expertise to Indian filmmakers, helping to drive the evolution of Indian cinema.

Today we are seeing an ever-growing convergence of technology – 3D, visual effects, DI, digital capture, file-based workflows, and content processing and delivery through the cloud. Here at Prime Focus, we cover the complete chain, from end-to-end, giving filmmakers the most options, the best talent, the best service, access to tax incentives and a relaxed, convenient, professional environment in which to evolve their storytelling.

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