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Three's Company

Remember the famous song from Om Shanti Om which had the who’s who of the film industry? Well, Farah Khan is toying with the idea of an encore for her next film, Tees Maar Khan. Our source says Salman Khan too will make an appearance in this special song. If that’s true, question is: Will Shah Rukh Khan also be a part of the number?

Ask Farah and she says, “If they do it, well and good. As of now, nothing is final.”
Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, we had mentioned in our ‘Next Attraction’ section that Farah Khan and Akshay Kumar were planning to release this film on December 9 as ‘9’ is lucky for both. To this, Farah replies, “I consider multiples of three lucky for me so we’re more than happy with December 24 as our release date.”
Point taken!!!

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