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Tindey Movie Review: Adah Sharma & Rajesh Sharma Led Is A Sweet Insight Into Modern Relationships & The Era Of Dating Apps

Star Cast: Adah Sharma, Ashwini Kalsekar, Rajesh Sharma, Mukesh Bhatt, Abhishek Khanna
Writers: Seemaa Desai (Story and Screenplay), Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj (Dialogue)
Producers: Parag Desai and Sejal Kaushik
Production Banner: Beatus Production & Mumbai Talkeez
Director: Seemaa Desai


Technology can be a tricky thing and it sure has changed our outlook towards many matters. Seemaa Desai's film 'Tindey' gives an insight into what happens when this very technology makes a married man meet a bubbly girl through a dating app called 'Tindey'. Rajesh Sharma steps into the character of the married man named Kranti. Adah Sharma essays the role of the jovial girl Molly Sharma. Ashwini Kalsekar plays Rajesh Sharma's on-screen wife while Mukesh Bhatt steps into the role of Kranti's friend from his office.

The story begins with a conversation between Kranti and his wife. It is established during this conversation that Shammo is a caring housewife who loves her husband (Kranti) alot. Kranti is an honest man who works at the Adhaar office with Mr. Mishra. One day, Mishra recommends Kranti to join the dating app 'Tindey' that he has been using for days and convinces him that it is okay to cheat on his wife for once and enjoy his time with young girls. Kranti gets hooked to the world of online dating instantly and matches with a girl named Molly. The two start talking and go out on a couple of dates as well. During the many dates that he goes on with Molly, he is often seen asking her if he could come to her place. Kranti tries to spend time with Molly in private but little does he know Molly's reasons to date him. Molly wants to go to Bali for a friend's wedding and is only entertaining Kranti to get an Adhaar card. 

Things go smoothly for a little while but drastically take a turn when Molly arrives at Kranti's home to spend some private time after learning that Kranti's wife, Shammo will not be in town. She had to attend a marriage out of town. Shammo, who is running late to catch the train, opens the door and is taken aback when she sees Molly at the doorstep. While you might think that the obvious thing would have happened next, Seemaa has given it a unique twist that you wouldn't want to miss.  


Talking about direction and story: 

A dating app, a man meets a young girl, a caring wife - these elements are a perfect combination to make a film with a 'juicy' story but Seema decided to stick to a sweet and simple story that very subtly conveyed an important message. The film which is 21 minutes long will keep you hooked and wanting to see what happens next. The film is beautifully directed, keeping in mind minute details about the characters. Seemaa hasn't wasted any time throughout the screenplay and has swiftly transited from one scene to another. The cinematography, the background score also aligns with the theme of the film and have added extra beauty to this superbly written film. 
The only thing I resented was Ashwini Kalsekar's screentime. Would have loved to see more of her on the screen. 

Talking about the actors:

Rajesh Sharma is a very experienced actor who can very easily mould himself into any role. His character goes through a lot of emotional transitions, from excitement to sadness, and the actor has managed to make us feel every emotion magnificently. Adah Sharma is a star and her on-screen presence is always a delight. Ashwini Kalsekar, Mukesh Bhatt, Abhishek Khanna's supporting roles are also like a cherry on the top. Not to forget, Radhe - the cat that you will see in a few scenes.   

Verdict: A must watch!
Ratings: 4 stars

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