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TOH collections drop 50 per cent

Thugs Of Hindostan enjoyed a record-breaking Day One but negative reports have reversed those gains as the film’s collections plummeted on Day Two today. In the light of the negative reports received by the film, distributors across India say they are bitterly disappointed with the film’s numbers and share their outlook for the movie’s collections today.

Rajesh Thadani, Mumbai

Yesterday, Thugs Of Hindostan collected Rs 15-16 crore in my circuit. Today, there will be a 30-40 per cent drop. Occupancy is very low today and even advance booking doesn’t seem good. Pan-India, the film will earn around Rs 20-22 crore, including Rs 7-8 crore in my circuit.

Brijesh Tondon, Delhi-UP

Occupancy of the morning shows was extremely bad, and due to the bad reports of the film, people are having second thoughts about watching the movie. There was a 50-per cent drop in the morning and noon shows’ occupancy compared to yesterday. On Thursday, the film collected Rs 9.2 crore in my circuit. I can’t really comment on today’s collections as I am not sure how the movie will do during the evening and night shows. But there is a likely of 50-per cent drop in collections pan-India. That means the film will earn Rs 20-22.5 crore today day, and Rs 4-4.5 crore in my territory.

Debashish Dey, West Bengal

Yesterday’s collections were really good for this film, which included Rs 3.5 crore in my territory. But collections have plummeted today as the movie is a huge disappointment. Only 7,000 seats are occupied of a capacity of 1.6 lakh. It’s too early to gauge today’s earnings from the film but, judging by the morning and noon occupancy as well as advanced bookings, the collections will drop 50 per cent. Pan-India, the film should earn not more than Rs 20-25 crore.

Gaurav Ruparel, Saurashtra

Occupancy for this film this morning was pathetic. Since the reports are so bad, there is a huge amount of negativity that has spread around the film, and people are not prepared to spend big sums on tickets. Since it’s a holiday, the occupancy is 60-70 per cent but, in my circuit during Diwali, theatres have almost 100-per cent occupancy, even the morning shows, which is not the case this time. There will be a 10-per cent drop in the collections today. Yesterday’s collections were Rs 4.5 crore here, but today they won’t be more than Rs 1 crore.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Orissa

Things are very bad for Thugs Of Hindostan today. Yesterday’s collections were Rs 50 lakh, which is a decent sum but they will drop as much as 50 per cent today. Pan-India, the movie will earn Rs 27 crore, and in my circuit Rs 25-27 lakh. The collections will be half of what they were yesterday.

Gaurrav Gaur, Rajasthan

Yesterday, TOH collected Rs 2.8 crore in my territory. The day one collections of the film were really good. But, today, occupancy has dropped more than 50 per cent in morning and noon shows. We cannot project what will happen in the noon and evening shows since it’s a holiday here but there will be a drop in the numbers, for sure. The reports are really bad and we were prepared to see a huge drop, pan-India, yesterday itself.

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