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Tootey khaab: Dreams and Desires with Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik, who recently came up with his first breakup single Tootey khaab, talks to Bhavi Gathani about the relevance of the song, the increasing popularity of singles and more

Armaan Malik has always charmed his listeners with his romantic and soulful numbers. This time he has come up with his first breakup song, Tootey khaab, which already crossed 12 million views on social media. Even though Tootey khaab is the first breakup song of Malik, he was quite confident about the response to the song. He says, “I was not nervous about the response I was going to get for Tootey khaab. Actually, before the release of any song, there is a little bit of nervousness about how it will come out, what would be the response, and all those things, just like you get nervous before going on the stage. So I was nervous in that sense. Otherwise, about the song, the lyrics, the feel of the music, I was pretty confident. We had properly planned and strategised this song.”

Talking about how the song relates to the youth of today, the singer says, “I had released a few Whatsapp chats on Instagram before the song released. Also, if you see the video properly, the texting, Whatsapp and social media play a very integral part in the video. I feel that these things play a major part in relationships today, in this social media generation. We constantly see this that people break up on text, they get blocked and to show that they have moved on, they post pictures with someone else. So we have shown those elements and I feel that this is a very relatable song for the youngsters. I was very excited to put it out and I think fans have seen me in a different avatar this time. Every time they have seen me in love songs, in romantic numbers and this is the first time they saw me crying and heartbroken.”

Talking about what attracted him to sing and feature in Tootey khaab, Malik says, “When Kunaal Vermaa, who has written the song, and his partner Rangon Chatterjee, made me hear the song, the lyrics were actually the reason that got me attracted to this song. There is a line, aise kyun badal gaya… kya koi hai mil gaya, it really hit me. I felt that it was such a relatable thing because now-a-days people change at the drop of a hat. You get confused like, why have you changed suddenly? Did you find someone? Is there a new lover in your life? What’s the reason?”

“Also, there is one more line in the lyrics, karde mera faisla… aadhe mann se kaise mein jeeun. This is relatable because in today’s time people do not get proper closure. A person doesn’t understand as to why their partner is breaking the relationship. People just say it very casually that I have lost feelings for you and now I don’t feel the same way about you like I used to. So I wanted to capture that and these things were present in the song. That’s the reason I chose this song as my first breakup single,” he adds.

Speaking about how singles are getting importance as much as film songs, he says, “This scenario of singers being just the voice of actors is changing because if you see, I have done three videos myself. The first one was Aaja na Ferrari mein, then the second one was Ghar se nikalte hi and now it’s Tootey khaab. The idea is to let people know who the face to their favourite voice is. A lot of people don’t even know how some of their favourite singers look because the singers have never come in the forefront. Now with a lot of singers being featured in the videos of their own songs, fans and listeners are now aware that this is Armaan, this is Badshah or this is Guru Randhawa. Everyone is now getting to know who is who. Along with Bollywood music, non-film music is also coming up in a very big way now and slowly we will have a music industry and not just a film industry.”

Like every musician, Malik also has a song that is closest to his heart. He says, “Well, there are so many songs that are close to my heart but this one particular song, Main rahoon ya na rahoon, is closest because my brother Amaal (Malik) and I had related this song to my grandfather who is no more with us.”

The singer plans to experiment with not just independent music, but his film songs as well. “My next single is going to show a very different genre that people won’t think that I have done before. Even in film songs, I am experimenting a lot. I am not just singing a romantic ballad. Even though it’s a romantic song, the beats are upbeat and up-tempo. I am doing different stuff and in the next few months my fans and listeners will get to hear a different side of Armaan Malik,” he concludes.

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