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In an exclusive conversation, playback singer Prakriti Kakar talks to Titas Chowdhury about her first original club number Hard hard from Batti Gul Meter Chalu

After crooning for jingles and providing back-up vocals for popular songs for several years, singer Prakriti Kakar has finally arrived. Her latest song Hard hard from Batti Gul Meter Chalu has become the latest party anthem.

About how she bagged Hard hard, she says, “Composers Sachet and Parampara told me that I was meant to sing the song. They said it was my song because my earlier songs had been double-worded songs. I had shared a song with Mika (Singh) last year called Hawa hawa. That is why they thought I should sing a song with him again. They called me to the studio. I tried the song and ended up recording it.”

So how was it collaborating with the composer duo? “Parampara and Sanchet are not just amazing composers, they have also been singers. It is very interesting to record for people who direct very well. They tried to get the best out of me,” she recalls. Talking about the flavour of the song, Kakar says, “My style is usually contemporary. But Hard hard had to be very ghaati and desi. I had to sound very rustic. That was the biggest challenge. I had to sound as Indian as possible because it is a film that is set in Uttarakhand. That is why I had to work very hard.” (Laughs).

Hard hard is a special song for the young singer. “This is my first original club song. After my first song released, people thought I sounded good only in slow numbers and ballads. Personally, I love singing club songs. I have always tried to sing all kinds of songs, but now maybe I will be called for more songs like Hard hard because people have heard me.”

Speaking about how she approaches her songs, she says, “When a composer calls you to the studio, you do not know what you are going to sing. It could be a break-up song at a time when you are very happy in a relationship. Or they might ask you to sing a happy, love song when you are going through a break-up. You have to be the song. My first song was a seductive song and I was just 19. You have to keep the actress in mind and play the part very well, because if we do not do a good job, they will not be able to.”

Hinting at her upcoming projects, Kakar excitedly says, “At the moment, I am working on my debut single which has been composed by me and my twin sister, Sukriti (Kakar). For the first time, you will be hearing us and seeing us together. Hopefully, you will hear it by the end of this year or early next year. I am very, very excited about that. That is our music. That is us in our song.”

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