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A Tribute, Not Recreation

Singer Palak Muchhal talks to Suranjana Biswas about her latest offering Mundeya from Baaghi 2, and about recording songs every day

Although already a popular track, Palak Muchhal managed to add freshness and her own flavour to Mundeya from the film Baaghi 2. “The brief was given to me by one of the composers, Sandeep Shirodkar. They needed a peppy number which was to be a promotional sort of song. It is a recreation, with 90 per cent of the melody and lyrics the same as the original, though they still wanted something fresh. The original song doesn’t have a female vocalist but in the recreated version, the female voice was to be very crucial and prominent. This genre was quite new for me. I loved the fun vibe around the song, so I thoroughly enjoyed singing it,” the songstress reveals.

Muchhal couldn’t believe it when she was told she had to do a rap sequence. “There was a time when only melodious songs were appreciated; then it was item songs. Now, rap is the current element in many songs. Every composer is incorporating rap into party songs because the youth enjoys it. Of course, you won’t hear rap in a romantic song,” she opines.

The talented singer feels recreating an old song is a tribute to the melody. “If it is recreated by keeping the flavour and soul of the original song intact, I think it is fine. Whenever I am part of a recreation, I try and pay tribute to the original. Also, I don’t believe in the term ‘recreation’ because I feel old melodies are God’s gift and they can’t be recreated. For me, it is a tribute from the younger generation to the legends.”

Muchhal is happy with the response she is receiving to the song. “This song is being played at all parties. Whenever I am a part of recreations, I get very anxious because there is no saying whether people will accept it. I am happy that the audience has accepted my song with so much love. People were a little surprised to hear my rendition because this song is very different from what I have sung earlier,” she says.

On her experience of being a mentor on a reality show, she says, “It was a refreshing experience for me. I was very overwhelmed when I was approached to be a judge and mentor. I learnt a lot from the contestants too. Also, I was judging with Shaanji and Himeshji (Reshammiya). I had recorded my first song with Himeshji when I was 14. I never dreamt I would ever be on the same panel with him.”

The singer has her plate full this year. “I have 213 songs lined up this year. I am really blessed because every day I record a new song. I will also be a part of another reality show,” reveals Muchhal.

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