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Trippin’ On Nostalgia

Darshan Raval talks to Joanne D’silva about his latest song Ek ladki toh dekha toh aisa laga, working with Rochak Kohli, his future plans and more

Darshan Raval had quite a phenomenal 2018 with hits like Chogada and Kamariya. He has started 2019 with the title track of the Sonam Kapoor-starrer Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. The song has received a good response from listeners and Raval says, “Rochak (Kohli) gave me the song and I fell in love with the track because I had heard two lines of the song in the teaser which Rochak had sung. I thought it was a typical remix version of the song and people would not appreciate it because a lot of remixes are being made. But when he played the song, it had a completely different soul. It reminded me of the old song. I was sure that people would love it too.”

This is the first time Raval is working with Kohli. “I love his work and I’ve always followed him. He has always given super hit songs, so I wanted to work with him. That’s how I got on board to sing for Rochak and his beautiful song.”

Pointing out that Kohli is very talented, Raval adds, “The way he has dubbed me, I couldn’t imagine myself to be better. All the credit goes to him for making such a beautiful song, for dubbing me so nicely, for bringing out the right emotions for the song. Also, I would like to thank the director of the film, Shelly Chopra Dhar, for supporting me so much. She briefed me very well on the story, the song and what they wanted.”

Lending one’s voice to a song sung by a legendary singer can be intimidating “I felt pressured because everybody has a different voice, everybody has a different emotion to the song. For me, the pressure was that I had to give one hundred per cent to the song. I had to give it the perfect emotion. That is the only pressure I felt,” says Raval regarding stepping into Kumar Sanu’s shoes for the track.

As much as he enjoys playback singing, Darshan is quite a powerhouse on stage too. “I think when I go on the stage my only focus is that the people who have come to my concert should take back memories. So, my entire team and I work towards that idea. I just go with the flow. I feel that my family has come to watch my show and I have to entertain them. Everything I do, even the songs that I make, it should be beautiful because I want people to love them.”

He doesn’t divulge much about his future projects but says, “I won’t disclose much but there is a really big song that is going to come up on Valentine’s Day which is going to be my independent single after seven months."

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