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Tromsø International Film Festival

January 13-19, 2014

Tromsø, Norway

What’s It All About?

The Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) is an annual film festival held in Tromsø, Norway. The first film festival in Tromsø was held in 1991 and today TIFF attracts 45,000 attendees, effectively doubling the size of the city. During TIFF, more than 100 films from 30 countries are presented. Filmmakers compete for the festival’s three awards – the Aurora, Fipresci and the Don Quiote. TIFF screens challenging, quality films for a local, national and international audience.

The festival is set in the dark polar nights, which gives TIFF the unique opportunity to screen films outdoors. Outdoor cinema is located at the main square in the heart of the city. The programme includes a selection of shorts and documentaries from the Films From The North programme, along with special screenings and various other events.

The festival also hosts a number of seminars and events for film professionals. Filmmakers are invited to submit their projects for Below ZERO, an international pitching session for documentary projects focusing on life above the Arctic Circle. Below ZERO takes place during TIFF where selected projects are pitched to a panel of commissioning agents from TV channels and film funds.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film

Nobody Owns Me

This year’s opening film is freely based on Åsa Linder Borg’s bestselling novel. Nobody Owns Me is directed by Kjell-Åke Andersson, and is about a father-daughter relationship, in the social democratic but class-divided Sweden in the 1970s.

FFN Documentaries

The FFN documentaries will screen films like:

• Disfellowshipped – Stories From The Shadows Of The Watch Tower

• Hejdå Hallelujah

• Gordie

• Fear

• Football Country

• Kisses In Zocalo

• Várjjatvuotnalaccat

• Juoigan

• Santra And The Talking Trees

• Olga To My Friends

FFN Sami Voices

The films under this category include:

• The Magical Time

• Sámi Jienat – Voices Of Sápmi

• Yoiked Fever

• Soajálaccat

• Joikefeber

FFN – Young Directors/Student Films

• Earth Fall Over My Head

• What Is Again

• Breaking The Silence

• A Alldel Plain Familja

• When I Wake Up Tomorrow

• It Means Nothing Jo

• No Time For Us

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