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Trunk trailer: Rishika Sharma's supernatural thriller will give you sleepless nights - watch video

A genre that is not much explored in Indian cinema is horror. We have romantic films, action thrillers, family dramas, but horror films are rarely made. And even more rare is a woman director helming such a project. This rarity is happening in Kannada cinema. Rishika Sharma is directing Trunk, a horror film featuring Nihal Rajput and Vaishali Deepak in the lead roles. The film produced by Rajesh Bhat, is about supernatural incidents affecting a family when they bring home a trunk. The film is Sharma's directorial debut. It is indeed quite a challenge to take up a film in this genre in one's very first film.

Another aspect that makes this film different from other horror films is that it will feature real-life ghost hunters. The team from The Real Asian Paranormal Society (TRAPS) who are involved in paranormal research will be seen in this film. It would be interesting to see how these ghost hunters bring authenticity to the film and its story. Check out the trailer of the film and be ready to be scared!

Share with us your thoughts about the trailer in the comments section below! Also with the film set to release on July 13, stay tuned to Box Office India as we get you all the updates about Trunk right here.

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