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Tum Mile

What’s It About
An artist ( Emraan Hashmi), a simpleton, falls in love with a rich, control freak girl (Soha Ali Khan). Problems start when they start living in and come to face the stark realities of life like a financial crisis, resulting in bruised egos and day to day quarrels leading to their break off. They meet after five years while coming back to Mumbai from Cape Town. On the fateful day when Mumbai city was submerged in water due to a cloud burst. What happens next is a series of incidents during which the former lovers try to figure out what went wrong in their relationship while at the same time dealing with the natural disaster.

Creative Touch
The opening sequence of the film is a straight lift from Hollywood’s The Day After Tomorrow and promises a rollercoaster ride involving the historic 26 July rains in Mumbai in 2005. But, in fact, it turns out to be another relationship based love story. The drawback of the film is that it was touted as a film based on natural disaster but the rain and flood scenes are a mere background, thereby diluting the drama.

Star Value
Emraan Hashmi emotes with élan. Soha Ali Khan fits into her character well and defines a modern day woman who can face life’s different situations with great panache. The chemistry between both is amazing. Mantra, as a supportive and understanding friend, leaves an impression.

Technical Expertise
The story shifts perspective between the past and the present in a very engrossing way. Even during the songs the past is merged well with the present. Though the grip is never lost the film could have done with some more editing as the first half is lengthy. The songs are very well picturised and are an integral part of the film. Prakash Kutty has captured the outdoor Cape Town locales with the same brilliance as the recreation of the rain and flood sequences in a studio. The scenes shot in the studio are mixed well with the real stock shots of the Mumbai disaster. The dialogues have a natural feel to them. The characters are well defined.

Director’s Cut
Kunal Deshmukh has done a fairly good job. He has showcased his talent in handling the important emotional scenes with sensitivity. For instance, the touching scene where Emraan Hashmi, amidst the disaster, takes the opportunity to tell Soha when it was that he saw her for the first time.

Box Office
Tum Mile has had a slow opening and has little to help it consolidate.

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