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Turning 30!!!

With a Hollywoodish appeal to the storyline, English dialogue and the horror at turning ‘30’, this film is flimsy and fails to hold your attention for two whole hours.

First, the hype around ‘turning 30’ makes it feel almost like a crime (Note the three exclamation marks in the title) to live that long! Second, the plot and sub-plots seem to have been picked from every other chick-flick. With an alluring narrative and edge of the seat escapades not including Hollywood themes, would have produced quite a different film.

Naina is grappling with heartbreak and a crisis in her advertising career not to mention her approaching 30th birthday. Set in the heart of urban Mumbai, while struggling and wrestling with the twists and turns that keep interrupting her life, she discovers love, herself and blossoms into a woman of substance. Alankrita Shrivastava’s film is based on real events that every other girl may experience. The drawback – the language in the film is bookish with words that we don’t use on a daily basis. Another flaw is the non-stop crying of the protagonist due to events that keep getting in her way. Where’s the pause button? The flamboyant lifestyle – smoking, drinking, sex and abusive language – may be a little too bold for the audience. As for cinematography and music, nothing to rave about.

The acting manages to save the film from completely falling apart. Credit must go to Gul Panag for a stellar performance and pulling off her role with élan. As the lead, she is superb with her dialogue delivery, diction and bindaas attitude. Actors, Tillotama Shome and Jeneva Talwar in their characters, as Naina’s friends, are brilliant and promising. Purab Kohli in his soft-spoken-boy avatar is impressive and so is Sid Makkar. Other artistes show off their fine talent, even in their miniscule roles.

Verdict: The film does not
have much to offer and lacks
the ability to draw the audience,
even multiplex-goers.

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