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United Six

Six childhood friends who live in Bangkok are going through a tough phase in their respective lives. Their dreams are shattered and their aspirations crushed due to the chauvinistic world they live in. Frustration mounts and they decide to rob a bank. So they rent a bakery next door and start digging a tunnel into the bank.

Before they break through, they find the bank has actually been robbed and the police are now looking for them. What follows forms the crux of the story.

To start with, director Vishal Aryan Singh presents us with an unconvincing plot. All the capers, meant to entertain actually trip up the film. For instance, the part where all six protagonists are running towards a yacht they have hired looks utterly immature and does not generate any anxiety in the audience. Worse still, the story sends out the message that robbing a bank is the answer to life’s travails!

Many scenes could have been edited out altogether and cinematography is just above average. To inject humour, the director has blended cheap one-liners and mundane jokes which make the protagonists look like a bunch of clichéd nincompoops!

The story also has a series of loopholes while the screenplay is terribly predictable and even vague at times. Background score is apt. Action is good. Music by Pritam is good.

Performance-wise, there’s one common theme: None of the girls has any talent. Minus the cheeky dance numbers, there is not much to look forward to.

Verdict: Dud

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