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Vaishali Sarwankar talks about the film Mere Desh ki Dharti, current scenario of the film industry and more

CEO of Carnival Motion Pictures, Vaishali Sarwankar talk to Rani Bohra about her next venture Mere Desh Ki Dharti, the passion that drove the project and more. She also talked about the current scenario of the film industry, her views on digital space, future projects and etc. 


Q1. You recently moved to India after nurturing and leading various business ventures overseas, what made you to take this decision? 

I have always been passionate about bringing stories to life, making movies has been a dream for a long time. So when the opportunity came knocking, I decided to pursue it to give it my 100%. Carnival Motion Pictures is special to me. We are here to make meaningful movies and we hope our movies reach as many people as possible and tell the world what we are here for.


Q2. Earlier this year you were appointed as a CEO of Carnival Motion Pictures and they are revamping their production house, how difficult is it for you to handle all things in these difficult times? 

I love challenges. With all the years of experience and being an advance planner I can say that pressure makes our work better. We also have passionate & talented members in our team. Tough situations help build character. I believe that it prepares you to face future challenges. After this phase, we will come out stronger and better. And as far as the revamping goes, it will reflect in all our future projects. We are super excited to have the opportunity to bring some great entertaining stories.


Q3. We have learnt that the production house will focus mainly on new talents, how much do you believe in this decision? 

Every story is different, and each character comes with its nuances. We believe in doing right by the story and want the talent who plays the character to do justice. This decision is more about giving an opportunity to people based on merit more than anything else. In our industry, talent means bringing a character to life and making it larger than life yet relatable. It is not easy to portray a character and show all its sides. It takes time and effort and a lot of hard work, right from the story, to the release. A talented actor/actress can narrate a story in a way that connects with the audience and makes them fall in love with the character. We live in a country that is full of immensely talented people. We, at Carnival Motion Pictures, plan to present those talents to you and by providing them the opportunity to showcase their skills. 


Q4. Tell us something about your upcoming venture, Mere Desh ki Dharti? How did this happen?

Mere Desh Ki Dharti is a movie that speaks about so many issues that our youth faces today. While I won't go into details of the movie, we would want you to see it for yourself and tell us how you feel about it. I would still say that it is a movie that might help change the way people look at things and give them hope to explore life differently. We initially planned to get this release on 15th Aug 2020 but due to pandemic lockdown now we are looking at late 2020 or early 2021, waiting for situations to improved.


Q5. Once theatres will re-open, do you think there will be the same kind of hype around the film releases? 

Absolutely! I am certain there would. Since we have been cooped up in our homes for so long, this would be the refreshment we badly need from the long unplanned break that we were compelled to take. Sooner or later, life will get back to normal. We are all curious to see how things turn out. Movies are a big part of our lives, it gives us hope, makes you smile, makes you angry and even motivates you to do better. Movies are, after all, inspired by life, and it never gets old. It can only teach us to keep going on. I think movies in a way are a lot like us or rather our lives. If you ask anyone which is their favorite movie, you will always get an answer. We all have that one special film that we treasure in our hearts. I hope one day we can make movies that hold a special place in someone's heart. 


Q6. The digital space holds massive potential in these times, are you looking at exploring it? 

No one should come in the way of a good story, and if that means that we have to release it on a Digital platform, why not. These are uncertain times, and we need to adapt to the current situation. I believe we have an obligation as film producers to see it through. And our audience should get a chance to see it. There is a lot of hard work, effort invested in making a movie. Many dreams are attached to it. When you watch a movie, you see a few faces on the screen. But what you don't see is the hundred faces behind that one scene. We owe it to them and everyone who has been a part of the journey.


Q7. What is next on the cards for you? 

At Carnival Motion Pictures, we want to create meaningful movies. Each project will be crafted around a social message while keeping it engaging—narratives that enlighten and entertain people from all walks of life. We are currently using the off-time to sort through the best projects and line them up for the next year. We will give you a small peak for our upcoming projects sometime soon. Some interesting projects on the way, and we plan to announce them early in 2021. All I can say is we are currently working on regional, Bollywood movies and also webseries.



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