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A Version Of Myself

There are films that shine on the big screen due to the team work team work that goes into making them. Last week’s Badhaai Ho wowed us all not only because the lead cast turned in superlative performances but the supporting actors, their pillars of support, were fabulous too. We spoke to actor Shardul Rana from Badhaai Ho, about the impact his character made on the film

On the brief

I auditioned for the role in Delhi. They asked me to perform the school scene, where I am fighting with the other boys. At that point, I hadn’t been given a brief; I was told that Ayushmann Khurrana was in the film and I would be playing his younger brother. After I was selected, I got the script, which I really liked.

On the role

I didn’t have to prepare for the role very much; it came to me naturally. Since I am from Meerut, the Delhi-style language was not much of a problem. The language in the film is quite similar to what I generally speak, so that was the easiest part. I had a huge advantage there. The role resonated with me and I felt I like I was playing a version of myself.

My character was extremely comical, so I enjoyed doing it. There was a funny scene in which I steal money from my parents’ room and accidently steal the condom that they have. Moments like these in the film were fun and I had a great experience doing it.

It is my second film and I was very happy to play a role like that. Gular is very outspoken in nature and does not think twice before speaking his mind. I liked that trait in him very much.

On the co-stars

It was a lot of fun working with everyone on the set. The mood was very jovial, so it didn’t feel like work. Also, since I have worked with Ayushmann sir before, in the film Dum Laga Ke Haisha, we were in sync, which translated well on screen. It was nice working with the entire cast but because I have known Ayushmann sir longer, for a year now, it was easier to work with him and share the camaraderie we have together.

On the director

It is important for the director to be patient with the actors. And Amit (Ravindernath Sharma) was really good at doing that. He is a very friendly director, always helping out by explaining the scenes. He used to do it very well and this helped me play my character better.

On the response

My family really loved the film and the response from them has been very positive. I have received a lot of messages about my role and it makes me very happy. Many reviews have also mentioned me, which is great. And not only me, everyone has been talking about the different scenes they liked in the film and praising it.

Future projects

I am working on a few things at the moment but cannot reveal much about them. There are two projects in the pipeline, of which one is a very interesting short film. There are other things too, which I can talk about only later.

– Bhavi Gathani

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