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Veteran music director Pyarelal’s extravagant musical nights with GoCeleb

“Haven’t witnessed anything as big as this,” says the veteran music composer Pyarelalji while talking about his recent shows in Gujarat. Hosted under the banner of GoCeleb, these shows witnessed a full house and an exhilarating experience for true music lovers.

GoCeleb Club, India’s first multicity, the movable membership-based club is set to be a game-changer of the Indian entertainment industry. It recently conducted a four-city Gujarat tour with the stalwart of the music industry, Pyarelal, where the music maestro performed on stage.

The world-famous sand artiste, Nitish Bharti travelled with the troupe and told the duo's musical story through sand art. The events received great support and appreciation from people of Gujarat.

Chirag Shah, founder of GoCeleb, who has big plans for his entertainment firm said, “This is just one of the many shows that are to follow.”

The idea of GoCeleb matured in Chirag’s mind was transformed into an innovative concept in 2013. From starting off as an online artist booking portal, GoCeleb also introduced membership-based Entertainment Club offering all needs of entertainment under a single membership. GoCeleb Club has come a long way in no time. There are more shows and events planned throughout the year.

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-Rani Bohra.

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