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Vibing With The Vamps

Famous British boy band, The Vamps, landed in India recently for a rocking concert. The members – Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans – spoke to Lynn Monteiro about their experience here, their thoughts on Indian music and more

British Boy band The Vamps, who are famously known for their smashing hits like Oh Cecilia, Can we dance, Somebody to you and many other songs recently visited India once again to perform for the third time after their last performance in Mumbai at the Global Citizen concert held in 2016.

Band members Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans spoke about their latest visit to the country. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Bradley Simpson said, “It’s amazing! We got to visit Pune, which we’ve never been to before. We had a show there earlier this week, which was really good and it’s nice to be back. People are lovely, the food is lovely, so, yeah, it’s great!”

On what he thought of Indian music, Simpson remarked, “We love it! I think we weren’t necessarily exposed to this kind of music until we came here, before working with Vishal-Shekhar. And then the collaboration with them was amazing. We shot in a studio with them and we got to learn a lot about Indian music.”

Talking about the history of their band, they revealed how they came up with their unique name. James McVey, vocalist and guitarist, said, “It’s not really an exciting story, actually, ‘Vamp’ or ‘Vamps’ was something that we wrote on a sheet of paper with lots of other words, and the other names were diabolical. ‘Vamps’ was the only one that was good, so we stuck with it.”  

McVey and Simpson also offered an insight into what brought their band together. “We were making music before we met online through YouTube. Before that, we were doing separate parts in bands and acoustic stuff on our own, and we all had a passion for music individually. That kind of passion came together. I think if you’re all in a school or a smaller community, it’s quite hard to find like-minded musicians – it’s rare to find people with a similar head-space.”

We asked them to share the craziest thing they had encountered on their last tour, and Simpson said, “Last time in India, we had a show at the Hard Rock Café. It was one of the craziest shows we’ve had! Because of the lovely and enthusiastic crowd, the barrier collapsed and the security guards had to make a human barrier. That was crazy!” 

When asked which Indian musician they would like to collaborate with, Tristan Evans, drummer and vocalist, revealed, “We’d like to collaborate with AR Rahman,” and James McVey added, “We’ve already collaborated with Vishal-Shekhar, so we would like to do some more work with them. We sung in Hindi a bit on Belia with Vishal and Shekhar. We know the line Sun belia dil.” Simpson further added, “We love Vishal’s rock band Pentagram. We think it’s really cool.”

Finally, when the conversation came to them taking a chance with the Bollywood industry, all of them shared their excitement and said, “Yes! We would definitely like to give it a shot!”


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