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Victoria Film Festival

February 5 -14, 2016

Vancouver, Canada

What’s It All About?

In its 22nd year, the Victoria Film Festival aims to expose film lovers to a wide range of ideas and lifestyles through year-round presentations of films, videos and new media. The festival aims to stimulate critical analysis and inspire individuals to recognise and utilise films as a creative tool.

The VFF is committed to cooperation and collaboration with other arts organisations as well as the business community, with programs that are interactive, entertaining and educational. This year, the festival has decided to add a special segment, Converge, where short films will be screened at unusual spaces around the city. The festival will feature around 150 films from 30 countries.

Indian Connect

This year, four Indian films have been shortlisted for screening at the Victoria Film Festival. Let’s Dance To The Rhythm (Nachom-ia Kumpasar) will be part of the World Perspective segment whereas Miss India America, Driving With Selvi and Kirumi will be showcased in the Asian Program category.

Set against the backdrop of the ‘60s Bombay Jazz Club, Nachom-ia Kumpasar highlights the relationship between a young singer and her musician mentor. Driving With Selvi is a Canadian documentary that focuses on South India’s first female taxi driver, named Selvi. Miss India America is a story that revolves around Lily Prasad (Tiya Sircar), who aims to win at all costs. She’s a high school valedictorian who arrogantly rubs her triumphs on everyone but when she loses her boyfriend, Karim (Kunal Sharma), to the reigning Miss India, she concocts a plan to win Karim back.

Kirumi is a complex and gritty tale of an irresponsible young man, Kathir, whose scheming ways land him and his loved ones in danger in Chennai’s underworld.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film

My Internship In Canada

Directed by Philippe Falardeau, My Internship In Canada is a political satire about Steve Guibord (Patrick Huard), an independent Member of Parliament from northern Quebec, who quite unexpectedly finds himself in the position of holding the tie-breaking vote on whether Canada will go to war in the Middle East. He embarks on a tour of his constituency to evaluate public opinion via various lobby groups, which further leads to confusion and ultimately forces the decision onto Souverain (Irdens Exantus), his Haitian immigrant intern.


After The Last River

Al Purdy Was Here

Dan And Margot

Devil’s Horn

Lost And Found


Ninth Floor

Our Last Tango

The Pearl Button

The Roots Remain

The Sandwich Nazi

The Smalls: Forever Is A Long Time

Tricks On The Dead

When Elephants Were Young

Asian Program

Driving With Selvi


Mcdull: Me And My Mum

Miss India America

The Empire Of Corpses

World Perspective

Nachom-ia Kumpasar

A Month Of Sundays

Almost Holy

Blood Of My Blood

Five Nights In Maine


Honor Thy Father

Men & Chicken

Umimachi Diary


Speed Sisters

La Belle Saison

Ten Years In The Sun

Le Tout Nouveau Testament

The Empire Of Corpses

The Grand Song

The Husband Factor

The Lobster

The Pearl Button

The Sea And The Flying Fish

Valley Of Love

Virgin Mountain




Fire Song

Le Dep


Historias De La Sierra Madre

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