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Victoria Film Festival

February 7-16, 2014

Vancouver, Canada

What’s It All About?

The Victoria Film Festival (VFF) was launched in 1995 to expose the local film-loving community to an array of ideas and lifestyles through world cinema. It has grown from a three-day event to a full-fledged, ten-day movie fiesta. The VFF is committed to cooperation and collaboration with other arts organisations as well as the business community. The festival’s programmes are interactive, entertaining and educational.Last year, the VFF saw another record-breaking year, selling out 22 feature screenings over the 10 days. The three special events were sold out as well, bringing in internationally acclaimed films like Hannah Arendt, Jackhammer and Talking To Trees.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film

Alan Partridge

The film features Colm Meaney as an Irish disc jockey who holds his fellow employees hostage when he learns his radio station’s new corporate owners are axing him. Steve Coogan’s famous BBC character Alan Partridge translates to the big screen.
Canadian Opening Gala: The festival’s Canadian Opening Gala embraces Canadian films and their makers.
Empire Of Dirt

The opening film Empire Of Dirt will be screened on February 8. A 2013 Canadian drama directed by Peter Stebbings, the film stars Cara Gee as Lena, a young single First Nations mother struggling to bridge the generation gap with her daughter Peeka (Shay Eyre) and her mother Minerva (Jennifer Podemski).

Highlights Include

• Devil’s Knot

• Linsanity

• Enemy

• Burt’s Buzz

• Young & Beautiful

• Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

• We Are The Best

• Triptych

• Tide Lines

• The Congress

• The Selfish Giant

• Like Father Like Son

• The Rocket

• At Middleton

• Special Ed

• That Burning Feeling

Special Presentations

Two past festival favourites, Vancouver actor-director Ben Ratner and Toronto filmmaker Richie Mehta (Amal), will return with new features – Down River, Ratner’s tale of three women in their 20s who seek advice from a free-spirited mutual friend (Helen Shaver); and Siddharth, Mehta’s drama about a poor Delhi merchant’s desperate search for his missing son.

New Attraction

This year, a new feature of the festival, In Conversation, will feature four-speaker series giving fans and filmmakers a chance to listen to some of the leading men and women in independent film. This year’s guests include:

• Atom Egoyan

• Ken Taylor and Drew Taylor

• Guy Maddin

• Don McKellar and Bob Martin

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