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Victoria Film Festival

February 6-15, 2015

Victoria, British Columbia Canada

What’s It All About?

The Victoria Film Festival (VFF) was launched in 1995 to expose the local film-loving community to an array of ideas and lifestyles through world cinema. It has grown from a three-day event to a full-fledged, 10-day movie fiesta.

The VFF is committed to cooperation and collaboration with other arts organisations as well as the business community. The festival’s programmes are interactive, entertaining and educational.

The mission of the Victoria Film Festival is to expose the film community to a wide range of ideas and lifestyle through the year-round presentation of film, video

and new media. The objective is to stimulate critical analysis and inspire individuals to recognise and utilise film as a creative tool.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film


Director: Francois Girard

Synopsis: After his single mother is killed in a car crash, 11-year-old Stet is uprooted from his small Texas home to an East Coast musical boarding school. He finds himself in a conflict with the Choirmaster (Dustin Hoffman), who hears potential in Stet’s voice.

World Perspective

Every year, the Victoria Film Festival scours for the best independent film from every far-flung corner of the globe to bring you the creme de la creme of cinema culture. The films selected for this year’s fest are:

  • 1971
  • Fifty Year Argument
  • I Am Big Bird
  • I Am Here
  • Lambert & Stamp
  • Look Of Silence
  • Mass-e-Baht
  • Merchants Of Doubt
  • Pico
  • National Gallery
  • Fat Chance
  • Samba & Jazz
  • Clouds Of Sils Maria
  • B For Boy
  • 1001 Grams

Canadian Wave

This year, the festival features a strong line-up of the most Canadian of film forms: the documentary. The Canadian Gala opener is Autrui, Quebec writer-director Micheline Lanctot’s last film, about a woman whose life changes dramatically after meeting and caring for a homeless man. Other films showcased under this segment are:

  • A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics
  • All The Time In The World
  • Everything Will Be
  • Eccentric Eclectic
  • Short: Disorder
  • Gone South: How Canada Invented Hollywood
  • Granny Power
  • Partners For Peace
  • The Wanted 18
  • Mountain Men
  • The Price We Pay
  • Porch Stories
  • Two-4-One
  • Trunk: The Movie
  • The Valley Below

Reel Asian

Reel Asian is Canada’s largest pan-Asian film festival attracting over 14,000 attendees to two weeks of galas, screenings, forums, workshops and parties every November in Toronto. Works include films and videos by East, South and South-East Asian artistes from Canada, Asia and around the world. Films to be screened under this section are:

  • The Backward Class
  • Monsoon
  • Brahmin Bulls
  • Fandry
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