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Singer Dhvani Bhanushali shares her experience while shooting for her latest video song, Vaaste, with Bhavi Gathani, her love for independent music, the value of adding a video to a song and more

Dhvani Bhanushali has been gaining popularity with every successive video song she releases. She has added another feather to her cap with her latest single, Vaaste.

About her journey, she reflects, “Vaaste is a song which Tanishk (Bagchi) already had. He worked on it recently with Arafat (Mehmood) sir, who wrote its lyrics. I lent my voice with Nikhil (D’Souza) and the video was shot in St Xavier’s College. Shooting for this song was an amazing experience. Xavier’s has a beautiful library. I am in college myself. It was a memorable shoot because I can relate to the age group shown in the video. I think teenagers will readily connect with it.”

The songstress has worked with Tanishk Bagchi, Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru for most of her songs. “Tanishk is a big brother and mentor to me and I am quite close to Vinay and Radhika as well. They have taught me many things. I think our energies sync well and that is why the songs we make always do well. Touch wood! I am really glad to have these people in my life, to support me. I have learnt a great deal from all of them.”

On the importance of a video to a song, Bhanushali believes, “More than making a song popular, I think a story completes the song when it is woven in. Of course, the song itself is capable of getting the full attention of listeners but I think if a story is beautifully translated into a video, it kind of completes the whole feel. When the audience watches the song, they will connect to it even more.”

The singer also talks about how she prepared to translate the emotions into the story. “I trained for 10-15 days. We rehearsed for Vaaste before we started shooting. My skills had to be polished. I also got help from the directors, Radhika and Vinay, who instructed me on what I was supposed to do. I completely surrender to what they say and that is how it always works.”

Asked about what she is looking forward to next, Bhanushali reveals, “I want to be a pop star. I will keep doing independent songs and I want to explore different genres. But, for now, I am only targeting the audience of my age group. I am just 21 and I want my audience to be of my age group and younger. So, right now, I am focusing on this kind of music only.”

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