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Vishwaroop 2 Movie Review: Kamal Haasan’s sequel to Vishwaroop is a treat for the fans

The film takes off from where the first one left off. Wisam, Nirupama, Ashmita and Jagannath are on their way to London. Here they discover a terrorist plot to use discarded World War II bombs to create a non-nuclear explosion. Wisam and his team, with the help of the British Intelligence, foil the plan. They then head to New Delhi following the trail of Omar and his aide Salim. What follows is a series of hits and misses, blood and gore, explosions and shootings, before Wisam manages to finish off Omar for good.

What did we like? Kamal Haasan is a good writer. His stories are well researched and they make the audience think. This film also has its moments of intelligent writing. The actresses are not just props in the narrative. While Pooja Kumar (who plays Nirupama) gets the chance to go deep sea diving to diffuse a bomb, Andrea (who plays Ashmita) has some cool combat sequences. Waheeda Rehman’s presence offers the much needed emotional moments in the film.

What we didn’t like? With so much back and forth in the past and present as well as scenes from the first part makes the film a bit confusing to watch. The music is not as memorable as the first film. The CGI work in some parts seems amateurish.

Verdict: Strictly for Kamal Haasan fans.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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