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Wah, Yash Raj!



When it comes to cracking business deals, Yash Raj Films always likes to have the upper hand. Now, we all know the company is getting into television software production. But did you know that they have struck a deal with Sony Television? Hmm, thought so! Not only does our source tell us that it is worth a whopping amount, it appears that all the telecast and other legal rights will rest with Yash Raj. This will be a first, as every single channel — not production house — owns the rights to the shows they telecast. Here, if Sony wants to re-run a show produced by Yash Raj, they will have to pay for it! And that’s not all. It appears that all YRF serials will not stretch beyond 26 episodes and will be aired during the weekends to ensure maximum viewership! We tried getting in touch with Sony Television but in vain. Yash Raj Films spokesperson said: YRF is in the process of finalising its distribution/ broadcast options for its TV programmes and will make an announcement at the appropriate time.

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