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Walking A Tightrope - And Coming Up Trumps

When we talk about drama in the Hindi television industry, only one name comes to mind – Balaji
Telefilms. Hence, it is no surprise that their web platform, ALTBalaji has nailed the genre as well, with
their latest show Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain. Featuring most famous names from the TV industry – Ronit
Roy, Mona Singh and Gurpreet Kohli Punj – the web series dwells on the complexities of an extramarital
Beginning with a beautiful melody sung by Amruta Fadnavis, the story is about Rohit Mehra (Ronit Roy),
a successful Delhi-based businessman, who gets involved with Ananya Sharma (Mona Singh) despite
being a married man. Rohit loves his family but feels more connected to Ananya than his wife Poonam
(Gurpeet Kohli). Conflicted between choosing one over the other, Rohit tries to gather the pieces of his
life that is falling apart.
A far cry from the age-old formula where fingers were pointed at the ‘other woman’, the show brilliantly
deals with the sensitive subject of fidelity. Writer Neena Gupta and the makers have made sure that
none of the three parties is tagged as a ‘victim’, especially the two women. They have shown both Singh
and Kohli’s characters as strong women, showing their strength and holding their own.
The have also made sure the show does not glorify extramarital affairs. It is a fine line that is not easy to
maintain but Gupta and the writers have balanced that skillfully. The relationship is shown as real and
deep, with complications that will connect with the audience.
The performance of the main cast is stellar. This is no surprise as all three actors have proved their
worth on the small screen before. Roy is dashing and debonair in some scenes but also manages to bring
to life the conflict his character experiences while being torn in opposite directions. Mona Singh as the
independent, mature girlfriend plays her part perfectly, while Gurdeep Kohli embodies the strength of a
homemaker. The supporting cast proves to be an asset and holds the series together aptly.
The first four episodes of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain have taken the story to an interesting level and are
sure to leave the audience wanting more.

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