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Off To War

Music composer Shashwat Sachdev shares what it was like to be a part of the war film Uri and his love for music, with Bhavi Gathani

After making music for the film Veere Di Wedding, Shashwat Sachdev added another feather to his cap by composing the music for the upcoming Vicky Kaushal-starrer, war film, Uri. On how he became a part of the film, Sachdev says, “I met Aditya Dhar almost a year back for another project that he was working on. I was occupied with Veere Di Wedding then. He liked the kind of music that I was doing and I always wanted to work with him. He asked me if I wanted to do the music for Uri. Of course I did but I was a little apprehensive because I had to move on to my next project, a Netflix series called Selection Day. He was unrelenting that I should be doing the score for his film.”

On the preparation he went through, Sachdev says, “We did some brainstorming and came out with an interesting and unheard-of score for the film. We went to Germany and brought back new synthesisers. We developed a very different sound for the film because the film is based on a modern-day army and Special Forces, which are technically very advanced. For the sound of film, we wanted something that would make you feel that this was very modern and very advanced.”

He adds, “We decided that we should have two layers of sound. One layer is very modern, aggressive, new age and underground kind of music. Another layer has a very human touch, which I used for the terrorists and the war scenes. I went to Vienna and I recorded a 40-piece orchestra.”

Speaking about the novelty in the music of Uri, Sachdev reveals, “In terms of the philosophy for this film’s score, it needed to have a soul that was very modern and unexpected. As far as that music is concerned, when you are scoring for them, you can’t have conventional army music, the kind we’ve heard for the last 20-30 years.”

He adds, “I did score some music and asked Aditya to listen to it. I made almost an hour’s worth of music, only on the script, for the score. We kept tripping on it for a month. We enjoyed listening to it. The film is going to have five songs, and all of them are very interesting. It’s music that I would want to listen to,” Sachdev concludes.

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