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Web Series: B.O.S.S. - Baap Of Special Services

Banners: ALTBalaji, Filmy Paltan
Producers: Ashish Kapoor, Ankur Ghai, Ankush Bhatt
Director: Ankush Bhatt, Anil V Kumar
Cast: Karan Singh Grover, Sagarika Ghatge, Mahesh Shetty, Ayaz Khan, Gaurav Gera, Veer Aryan
Writer: Ghalib Asad Bhopali
Music: Palak Muchhal

One genre of entertainment that has been extremely popular across the globe are intriguing cop dramas. Cop buddies who solve crimes together and entertain the audience with their banter are always fun to watch when treated right. With a smart cop and her quirky partner armed with a strong cast, ALTBalaji’s B.O.S.S – Baap Of Special Services cruises along the lines of being an entertaining web series in this genre.

The story is about the rising crime rate in Shimla and how Police Chief Rawat gets a special task force together to fight it. The force is headed by ACP Sakshi Ranjan and Officer Sudhir Kohli. While Sakshi is the no-nonsense, by-the-book cop, Sudhir is the exact opposite being the humourous yet sharp investigator but you can see a romance brewing between the two. But the plot thickens with the secrets that Sudhir Kohli is hiding from the world. Do Sudhir and Sakshi realise the tension between them? Will Sakshi uncover his truth? Will Sudhir find the answers he is looking for? These are the things that form the crux of this story.

The makers have incorporated the good cop-bad cop theory with an intriguing twist to it. The chemistry between the two lead officers becomes a highlight of this show. Their constant back-and-forth conversation is filled with one-liners, sassy remarks and sarcastic comments, which make for entertaining viewing. This has been well-balanced with the thriller and suspense element in every episode. The whodunit mysteries are solved with smart techniques. You might feel that there have been some scenes which can be called convenient but then it all ties up well towards the end of every episode.
Another plus point of the show is that while it takes on a fresh take with every episode as there is a new crime to solve, there is a common thread of mystery attached to it especially revolving the character of Sudhir Kohli. The most important aspect of a web show, the cliffhanger has been designed perfectly, compelling the audience to click on the 'next episode' tab, making it binge-worthy.

One added advantage of the show is the backdrop. Shimla is explored well through the scenes. Smart and crisp editing takes the show several notches high.

Performance-wise, Karan Singh Grover is a good fit as the fun-loving ladies’ man and the intense secretive cop all rolled into one. Sagarika Ghatge brightens up the screen with her presence and does extremely well as the righteous cop. Mahesh Shetty as Chief Rawat is strong in the character he portrays. He looks dashing and suits the role rather well. Gaurav Gera is a fun addition to the team as is Ayaz Khan. Veer Aryan has an interesting role in the underlining sub-plot of the show.

Verdict: Completely binge-worthy!
Rating: ***

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