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Web Series Review: Jamai 2.0

Banner: ZEE5

Producers: Ashvini Yardi

Director: Shashant Shah

Cast: Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur

One of the most loved onscreen couple Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma gained a lot of popularity with the television drama Jamai Raja. Now they are once again back with the recent version, Jamai 2.0, as a web series. 

The series starts with the entry of the character Siddharth Sharma, played by Ravi Dubey, who is a standup comedian and the introductory part is connected to a game of playing cards. In this series, Siddharth's character mixes up the emotions, love and revenge and is termed as the Joker of cards. He works under Durga Devi, the next character in the story. 

Durga Devi aka DD is played by Achint Kaur, who owns a chain of night clubs in the city. She is sharp and knows how to balance her personal and professional life. The most important part of her life is her daughter Roshni played by Nia Sharma, who is confused, lost and is searching for love.

The royal story is set in Pondicherry and showcases the perspective of a son-in-law where he wants to take revenge from DD, who eventually becomes his boss. So he uses her daughter Roshni but later falls in love with her and then begins a new journey of Jamai 2.0.

The show looks beautiful and the dialogue is well written while maintaining equilibrium between emotional moments and funny scenes.

Jamai 2.0 grabs more attention with every episode as it gives out some curiosity factor to the audience so that they look forward to the next episode. It showcases thrill, love, glamour and revenge. It hints that the digital spin-off is a bolder and edgier version of the daily soap.

ZEE5 has something interesting story for the web audience with Jamai 2.0. The 10 episodes of the romantic thriller have started streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

Verdict: Fun watch!

Rating: **1/2


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